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Doc and the gang must figure out why baby doll Franny is so fussy and won't go to bed but they later realize that Franny is teething, which is why she's so fussy!



Doc: Hallie, how's naptime going?
Hallie: Not good, Doc. If I can't figure out why Franny's crying, she's gonna wake the other babies.
Doc: When Maya's fussy mom and dad take her for a drive. The motion of the car rocks her to sleep.
Stuffy: Why drive, when you can stroll.
Doc: A teething ring should quiet her down. Lambie, did you know your bracelet is a teething ring?
Lambie: Um, I do now. I have to admit. It looks better on Franny.


  • Diagnosis: New-Ouchie-Toothitis.
  • Toys that debut in this short: Franny
  • It's revealed that Doc's parents take Maya for a drive whenever she's fussy to get her to sleep.
  • In one scene, Chilly was wearing his hospital coat and scrubs. A couple of seconds later in the next scene, his hospital coat and scrubs were gone.