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Gabby is a stuffed giraffe from an arcade toy tank game. She was one of the prizes inside the crane machine. One of her legs had been torn when a previous visitor had tried to win her, and because of this, she felt nobody would want her. After a painstaking number of attempts, Doc managed to retrieve Gabby from the crane game so that Doc could fix her leg. Afterwards, Doc decided to take Gabby home with her, making the latter happy that she finally had a family.


Physical Appearance[]

Gabby is a stuffed giraffe that's yellow-orange with brown spots. She has light orange stripes that run horizontally across her legs.


  • "A little girl came to play and picked me up with the big grabber. I almost got to go home with her, but the grabber dropped me, and I ripped. Now no one ever tries to pick me up... [Sniff] Because no one wants a broken toy."
  • "I can walk! I can walk!"
  • "How can I ever thank all of you? Oh, now a kid might take me home and play with me someday."
  • "Oh, thank you, Doc. I'm the luckiest stuffed giraffe in the whole world."


  • Her voice actress, Lacey Chabert, plays Gretchen Weiners in Mean Girls. She also voices characters such as Eliza in The Wild Thornberrys, Zeta the Sorceress in Shimmer and Shine, Kaycee in Bratz, Zatana Zatara in Young Justice, Gwen Stacy in The Spectacular Spider-Man, Princess Elise in Sonic the Hedgehog, Ruth McDougal in Hey Arnold, Jasmine in American Dragon: Jake Long, Surthanna in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, and Mako in the Star Wars video games. And Meg Griffin in Season 1- Mid-Season 2 of Family Guy.