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Dr. McStuffins: There All finished. You are one fully sunscreened little girl.
Doc: Thanks, mom. Is it OK if I take my toys and go play in the wading pool?
Dr. McStuffins: Sure. I'll keep an eye on you.
Doc: Great.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Doc: Hi, guys. It's kind of hot today, so I thought we could play in the pool.
Stuffy: I finally get to go swimming? Woo! [Jumps and Doc catches him] Oh.
Doc: You and Lambie can't go in the water. You're not water toys.
Stuffy: Aw...
Doc: But I also brought some toys that can go in the water.
Bronty: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, Bronty sploosh!
Stuffy: Hey, who's that lady? And why does she have a tail?
Lambie: A lady? With a tail? Where? [Stuffy points to Melinda] D-d-don't point. She'll see you. Ah! It's a...a mermaid. Oh, she's beautiful. Oh, I've always dreamed of being friends with a...mermaid.
Doc: Let's go and talk to her. I'm sure she'd love a new friend.
Lambie: Oh, OK. How does my plush look?
Doc: Adorable. She'll love you.
Lambie: Are you sure?
Doc: I'm sure.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Melinda: Helooo--dilly--scrumptious. [Giggles] Who do we have here?
Doc: Hi. I'm Doc McStuffins.
Stuffy: I'm Stuffy, and this is Lambie.
Lambie: Ooh, hello, m'lady. Duh, I mean your fishness. I mean, your highness. (Looks away) Oh, "your fishness"? Ugh! I blew it!
Melinda: Oh, little lamb, don't worry.
Lambie: But I called you "your fishness."
Melinda: Ha ha! No one's perfect, you know.
Lambie: Except mermaids.
Melinda: Oh, ha ha ha! I like you, little lamb-lilly-loo. My name's Melinda. Let's be friends.
Lambie: Oh, really? Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes! Oh, being your friend would be a dream come true.
Doc: I knew she'd love you.
Bronty: Hey, aren't you coming in? Gosh, you're pretty. OK, so who's coming in?
Lambie: We, um, can't go in the water. But I'd love to watch you swim.
Melinda: I'd be happy to swim for you.
Stuffy: Yeah, I bet with this baby, you're pretty good out there.
Lambie: Good? Um, mermaids are like the most amazing swimmers in the history of swimming.
Surfer Girl: I've heard that mermaids can leap out of the water like dolphins!
Melinda: Indeed-dilly-doo they can.
Doc: So what do you say you hop in the water and show us what you can do.
Melinda: Very well. Prepare to be amazed.
Doc: Take this hoop to the center of the pool. Melinda can jump through it.
Surfer Girl: OK, Melinda, give us a good jump.
Melinda: Here I go!
Lambie: This is going to be amazing.
Surfer Girl: Hey, like, where'd she go?
Bronty: I see her. She's at the...bottom of the pool!
Doc: Are you OK?
Melinda: Oh, yes. I'm perfect. Mermaids can breath underwater, you know.
Doc: Oh. So you meant to do that.
Melinda: Oh, ha ha! Actually no, I didn't mean it. It's the strangest of strangity things, but I don't know why I sank to the bottom.
Doc: I don't know either. I'm worried something might be wrong with you.
Melinda: Wrong? Oh, I don't think so. Mermaids are perfect, right, Lambie?
Lambie: Right.
Doc: Well, no one's perfect. I really think I should give you a checkup.
Melinda: A checkup? Whatever is a checkup?
Lambie: Oh, a checkup's when Doc checks you out to see if there's anything wrong with you, which I'm sure there isn't, but why not let her have a look?
Stuffy: Maybe she can find out why you sank.
Melinda: Sank is such a sad word. Very well, I agree to have a checkup.
Doc: Great. First, let's check your heart with my stethoscope.
[Heart beating]
Doc: And your heartbeat sounds just as pretty as you are.
Melinda: Oh, go on.
Doc: Now, I'll listen to your lungs. Take a deep breath for me.
Doc: Good. Now breathe out.
Melinda: [Exhales with an opera] ♪ Ah ♪
Lambie: Oh. Even her breathing sounds pretty.
Doc: Your lungs sound good, too, and that's important because your special mermaid lungs have to breathe both air and water.
Lambie: Oh, your doing great, Melinda.
Doc: Now I'm going to check your tail. I want you to try and push my hands up so I can test your strength.
Melinda: ♪ Here I go ♪ Mmmm.
Doc: Are you pushing?
Melinda: I'm trying.
Doc: Here, I'll take my hands away. Can you straighten your tail now?
Melinda: Un! Oh, I can't, Doc. Is there something wrong with me?
Doc: Hmm? Has anyone ever wound up your winder-upper?
Melinda: My winder-upper? Oh, merdilly my! I didn't even know I had one.
Doc: Uh. Uh. Hmm. I have a diagnosis. You have a case of Stuck Winder-Upper-itis.
Melinda: Ah! Is that serious?
Surfer Girl: No way. My winder-upper gets stuck all the time. It's a bummer, but Doc can totally fix it.
Doc: Stuffy, I need you to Hold Melinda's tail and jiggle it when I say.
Stuffy: Ready to jiggle.
Stuffy: Oh, whoa!
Doc: Got it. My prescription is to get a few winds on your winder-upper.
Lambie: Let me help you.
Melinda: My tail is flapping!
Doc: Now you should be able to swim.
Bronty: Ooh, and leap!
Surfer Girl: And, like, jump through hoops.
♪ Get ready ♪
♪ For a wonderfully wet mermaid leaping show ♪
Melinda: Oh, dear! I'm going down again.
Stuffy: She sank again, straight down. Clunk.
Lambie: No, no, no, no!
Melinda: [After Doc helps her] Oh, Doc, I'm a mermaid. I should be able to swim and leap and do all sorts of tricks. But I just keep sinking. [Melinda cries]
Stuffy: Oh, no, I hate seeing a mermaid cry. [Sniff]
Melinda: I'm sorry I let you down, Lambie.
Lambie: Oh, no one's perfect, Melinda. Remember?
Melinda: Oh, right, I guess even me.
Lambie: Besides, we're friends now, so you could never let me down.
Melinda: That was the perfect thing to say.
Lambie: OK, Doc, what are we gonna do to help my friend Melinda here?
Doc: Hmm. We fixed your tail, so you should be able to swim. Did you have the same problem when you took swimming lessons?
Melinda: Swimming lessons? What in the worldly-loo are those?
Doc: That's where someone teaches you how to swim. I took them. Didn't you?
Melinda: No. Do I need swimming lessons? I mean, I am a mermaid.
Doc: Everyone should take swimming lessons. I had so much fun learning to swim.
Surfer Girl: Learning to swim keeps you safe around water.
[Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Oooh, Oooh, Oooh ♪
♪ Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh ♪
♪ Butterfly, backstroke, got to know how to swim ♪
[Surfer Girl]
♪ It's a perfect day to learn, so jump right in ♪
♪ Move your arms and kick your feet ♪
[Doc and Surfer Girl]
♪ Everybody in the pool ♪
♪ Gotta go to swimming school ♪
♪ No better way to make a hot day cool ♪
[Doc and Surfer Girl]
♪ Cool ♪
♪ Don't you want to catch a wave? ♪
[Surfer Girl]
♪ When you're underwater, you won't be afraid ♪
[Doc, Lambie, Stuffy and Surfer Girl]
♪ Learning how to swim is cool, gotta go to swimming school ♪
♪ Everybody in the pool ♪
Melinda: Doc, I would love to take swimming lessons. May I take them? Please.
Doc: Well, I can't teach you to swim.
Surfer Girl: Let me handle this one. I used to be a lifeguard, so I gave swimming lessons all the time.
Melinda: Like this?
Surfer Girl: That's it. Groovy!
Surfer Girl: Great job! With those tail fins, you'll swim like a fish.
Lambie: Or a mermaid.
Doc: You're doing great, Melinda.
Melinda: Do you really think so?
Doc: You bet.
Surfer Girl: Totally!
Lambie: You're an amazing swimmer!
Stuffy: Way to go! Woo-hoo!
Lambie: Yay!
Stuffy: Yeah! Melinda, she's our girl!
Melinda: Did you see me? I did it! I learned to swim!
Lambie: Oh, yay, Melinda.
Melinda: Can I try to jump through the hoop now? Please, oh, please say yes.
Doc: Yes. Surfer Girl? 3, 2, 1, go!
Lambie: Oh, no. Did Melinda sink to the bottom again?
[Everyone cheering]
Melinda: ♪ I did it ♪
Doc: You were great!
Lambie: More than great. You were perfect!
[Everyone cheering]
Melinda: Oh, now that I know how to swim, I feel so much better.
♪ I feel better, so much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc, for taking all the ouches away ♪
♪ I didn't feel so good till you fixed me like I knew that you would ♪
♪ And I feel better, so much better now ♪
[Stuffy and Lambie cheer]
Melinda: Thank you ever so much for helping me learn how to swim.
Doc: I love helping toys, and now that you've learned to swim, I think you're gonna make a big splash.
Doc and Melinda: Ha ha!
Melinda: Woo-hoo!