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Getting to the Heart of Things
Season 2, Episode 35A
Getting to the Heart of Things.jpg
Air date March 13, 2015
Written by Ford Riley
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"Getting to the Heart of Things" is the first segment of the sixty-first episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on March 13, 2015.


After Doc discovers that Coach Kay, a small plastic doll in a track suit, has a crack in her whistle valve, she takes her to the clinic to perform "surgery" to replace the valve.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Chilly: (to Coach Kay) Whoa, Coach, you don't sound so good. You should see a doctor. Don't you think, Doc?
Lambie: Ahem!
Chilly: Oh, yeah. You're a doctor. Haha! Well, that makes it easy, doesn't it?

Doc: I can fix it, but it's deep inside you. I'm gonna need to open you up. (Everyone gasping)
Stuffy: Open her up?
Chilly: That sounds scary.
Coach Kay: Yeah, it does.
Doc: I'm not gonna lie, it's a big procedure. And the clinic is the best place to do the operation.
Coach Kay: Operation?! At the clinic? Is there some other way to do it?
Doc: Not if you want to get better.

Coach Kay: Hallie, I was wondering...
(Hallie turns around with her mask on)
Hallie: Yes, sugar?
(Coach Kay freaks out)
Doc: Coach, what's wrong?
Coach Kay: The surgery thing is scarier than the Pitsburg deepence. (panics) I'm throwing in the towel!
(she tries to escape, but Stuffy and Lambie stop her)
Lambie: Wait!
Coach Kay: Sorry, Doc, it's game over. That gown, the masks, the gloves, this whole surgery things too scary!
Lambie: Maybe a big group cuddle will help.
(The gang gives Coach Kay a big group cuddle)
Coach Kay: Thanks, team.
Lambie: Feeling better?
Coach Kay: A little. (panics again) I guess.
Doc: Coach, I know surgery can be a scary thing, but I also know you want to be able to whistle for Kerri again, right?
Coach Kay: Right.
Doc: Well, sometimes doing what's best for you is scary. But I know you can be brave.

Doc: Just lie down here. You'll be asleep for a little while. But when you wake up, you'll be whistling as good as new.
Coach Kay: That's it? Doesn't sound that scary at all.
Chilly: You know I'm scared of everything, but lying down and go to sleep sounds pretty easy to me, too.
Lambie: And we'll all be here to taking great care of you.
Doc: We will. So are you ready?
Coach Kay: It's game time. Bring it on!
(Doc lays Coach Kay down, then puts her to sleep with her stethoscope)

Doc: Coach Kay, you awake?
Coach Kay: Is it morning already?
Doc: It sure is. And it's time for you to try your whistle. But I want you to take it easy at first.
Coach Kay: Okay.
(Doc presses the whistle button, Coach Kay does a small whistle)
Doc: Sounds good. Now try a big whistle.
(Coach Kay does a big whistle)
Coach Kay: That's the old coach whistle! What are y'all standing around for? When I whistle, you jump.
Stuffy, Lambie and Chilly: Yes, Coach Kay!


  • Diagnosis: Cracked Air Tube-itis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Coach Kay
  • It's revealed Doc's stethoscope can magically put toys to sleep as well.
  • This is the first time we see Doc in her operating clothes.