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Glo-Bo is one of Donny's toys that he used for finger-painting at one point. He inadvertently spread a rash (which was really blue paint) to lots of toys, including Chilly.



Glo-Bo is a friendly toy monster with a joyful personality.

Physical Appearance[]

Glo-Bo is a light green monster with dark green polka-dots, six sky blue arms each with a green hand, 2 legs and light blue horns.


  • "Surfer Girl, how's the surf?"
  • "Chilly. My man. My main man. My snowman! You are the coolest snowman I know. It's so great to see you!"
  • "Let's go wash my hands right now!"
  • "Fit as a fiddle and clean as a whistle!"
  • "Glad to know these super clean hands won't be spreading any germs!"
  • "How do I look? Do I positively glow?"
  • "Ooh! That sun feels good!"
  • "Whoa! That sun is bright, but it feels nice."
  • "It does feel good to be outside. You know, it feels better then good. It feels great!"
  • "Did somebody want me to shed a little light on the situation?"


  • His voice actor, Jim Belushi, also voices characters such as Rocko in The Pebble and the Penguin, Kirk in Hoodwinked, Saint Bernie in Snow Buddies, The Cowardly Lion in Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return, Simon the Monster Hunter in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Coach Wittenberg in Hey Arnold, Alder in Casper's Scare School, Jake in The Blues Brothers: The Animated Series and Coach Coachy in The 7D. He also plays Jim in According to Jim.