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Gracie is one of two walkie-talkies, with the "other half" being Walter.


Physical Appearance[]

Gracie is a pink walkie-talkie with orange and red with a pink-colored face.

Role in the series[]

Walter and Gracie get separated when Walter loses his antennae in the episode "Walkie Talkie Time". Without his antennae, Walter hears static instead of Gracie's voice. Doc gives him a check-up, finds his antennae gone and calls her diagnosis 'static-osis', then the gang go outside to find it. Hallie teams up with Lambie, Stuffy teams up with Chilly, and Doc teams up with Walter. Walter finds his antennae on the grass from the top of the clinic slide and slides down to it. Doc sticks the antennae to him and finally hears Gracie's voice. She is stuck in the strawberry bushes, so the gang hunt for her in there, with her voice helping them along. Stuffy finds Gracie and untangles her, and she and Walter are reunited. Doc's little brother, Donny, and his friend Henry, come along and try out Walter and Gracie and their spy goggles together.


  • "I'm not sure where I am. But I'm all tangled up in some plants. And there are lots of red berries around me, too."
  • "Oh, Honey Bunny."