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Gustave is a Cajun-accented alligator that lives in a board game called Gulpy, Gulpy Gators.



Gustave is easy-going, compassionate and friendly.

Physical Appearance[]

Gustave is a small and slender green plastic alligator with a yellow tummy from the game Hungry Hungry Hippos and he has a Southern accent.

Role in the series[]

Gustave first appeared in the episode "Gulpy, Gulpy Gators!". Doc and Donny were playing a game of Gulpy Gators (A game similar to Hungry Hungry Hippos). When Donny added more marbles to the game, stuffing the green gator, Doc takes the game to the clinic. Her stethoscope activates all the toys and the gators came to life. The toy gators started chomping on everything until one gator toy named Gustave explains why is he so full of marbles.

Doc recalls another time Gustave's appetite gets the better of him in the Doc Files short episode "Gustave Gator's Gulp". The little gator's groans in pain awaken Sir Kirby who tries to help him, though the other toys get annoyed by the noises Gustave is making. Doc discovers that Gustave had swallowed jacks inside him instead of marbles so Doc diagnosis Gustave with gunk-inside-a-tude and Doc removes the jacks out of Gustave's belly.

Gustave plays another role in the episode "Don't Fence Me In", where the marbles from the Gulpy Gators game scatter across Doc's backyard, and while he tries to get some of them, he gets his head stuck in the fence.


  • "You can call me Gustave. And don't you go worrying about a thing, Doc. They won't hurt nobody. Gulpin's just what gulpin' gator's do, except for me. Right now, I just don't feel like gulping anything."
  • "I do believe I'm full."


  • Gustave Gator's Gulp


  • The game Gustave and the other three gators are from is called Gulpy Gulpy Gators, a spoof on the classic board game Hungry Hungry Hippos.
  • His voice actor, Stephen Stanton, has voiced characters such as Randy Rabbit in The Garfield Show, Jimi Stringer/Nitroblast in Hero Factory, Judge Pobun in Breadwinners, and Bonita in Psychonauts.
  • Gustave is likely based on Gustave the crocodile who actually murdered or ate live humans and other large animals in Africa for an unknown amount of time.