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"Hallie Halloween" is the first segment of the seventy-fourth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on October 9, 2015.


While trick-or-treating with Doc and her toys, Hallie wanders off and gets separated from the rest of the group, imparting an important lesson about staying safe on Halloween.


It is Halloween night and Doc takes her toys out trick-or-treating with her. She warns her toys that since everyone will be looking at costumes, they must be extra careful not to let anyone see them move around.

The toys are enjoying seeing all the costumes and soon they see a little girl dressed like Hallie. When Doc runs after her hat when the wind blows it away, Hallie wanders off to get a better look at the girl dressed like her. She ends up getting separated from the rest of the group and getting spooked by the other kids wearing scarier costumes, imparting an important lesson about staying safe and not getting separated from a group on Halloween.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Mr. McStuffins: It’s nice for them.
Emmie and Alma’s Mom: I know, right.

Lambie: Oh! I love my costume, Doc! Halloween is like a game of dress-up where everybody gets to play!

Stuffy: Are there gonna be scary costumes? Well, brave dragons like me laugh in the face of scary costumes. (Squeakers squeaks and startles him) Aaah!
Chilly: I like soft and friendly costumes, like...marshmallows. No, wait. I'm scared of marshmallows, too. But I am not scared of snowmen, and that's why I'm dressed up as one! (Everyone laughs)

Stuffy: (laughing loudly) Ha ha ha ha! Wigglesbottom! Ha ha ha-- What? (Everyone glares at him angrily) No one? Okay.

Doc: Stuffy, we all want Hallie back, but I don't want you getting lost, too.
Stuffy: Oh, yeah. I get that. Now.

Doc: I'm really happy you're okay. But why did you run off like that?
Hallie: Sorry, Doc. I saw that little girl dressed up as me and I got so excited, I-- (Sighs)... I just wasn't thinkin'.
Doc: Hallie, you can't run away like that. You might get lost. And without my nurse, I'd be lost.
Hallie: Don't you worry. This hippo's had it with runnin' off.



  • Doc: Ringmaster
  • Stuffy: Zebra (and without his collar)
  • Lambie: Bear
  • Hallie: Lion
  • Squeakers: Elephant
  • Doc's dad: Carrot (again)
  • Emmie and Alma's mom: Light Blue Dog
  • Emmie: Mime
  • Alma: Bee
  • Donny: Clown
  • Sabrina: Mermaid/Sailor (We see her dressed in two costumes)
  • Ian: Werewolf
  • Dawn: Bunny (Note, that when this episode aired, Dawn hadn't yet moved here)
  • Mr. Wigglesbottom: Pumpkin (the same type of dog as Rudy)