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"Hallie Hippo Happy Hour" is a Doc McStuffins song from the season 2 episode "Big Head Hallie" and this song is the theme song for a show on TV staring Hallie. In this song you can see Hallie in various costumes such as Astronaut Hallie, Agent Hallie, Detective Hallie, Skateboard Girl Hallie, Chef Hallie, Football Girl Hallie, Ballerina Hallie and many more.


If building adventure is what you're after
Excitement, fun and a whole lot of laughter
Here's Hallie (Here's Hallie)
I wonder who she's gonna be

Hallie on TV:
No, you can't stop me

Soccer player, figure skater, chef or spy
A first-rate nurse or a private eye
Geologist, gymnast, astronaut orbiting space
She's always gonna save the day (Save the day)

Jump right in and take a seat
You can come along and ready to meet you
Here's Hallie (That's me)
The party starts now (Right now)
The Hallie hippo happy hour