Doc McStuffins Wiki

Hallie: (about Audrey) Why, that looks like a hospital room. Oh, the little sugar cube must be sick.

Audrey's mom: Oh, sweetie, Hannah got gum in her hair. It could be full of icky germs, and germs might make you even sicker.

Audrey: But having Hannah always helps me feel brave when I feel scared.

Audrey's mom: Audrey, the doctor needs to run your test now. Before we do your chemo treatment.

Lambie: Doc, what's chemo?

Doc: It's a really strong medicine. Audrey must be really sick.

Audrey: (about Hannah) But, Mom, I need her.

Audrey's mom: Sweetheart, I'm sorry, but you have to leave her here. We can't let you catch any more germs.

Doc: (about Audrey) We need to help that kid, stat!

Hallie: We sure as sugarcane do! She's brave as a honey badger, but a kid shouldn't have to go through a big treatment without her favorite toy.

Hannah: Oh, I've been to lots of checkups with Audrey, but I never thought I'd be getting one.

Chilly: Don't worry, checkups are nothing to be afraid of. Trust me, I have lots of experience.

Hannah: Oh, okay. Give me a checkup, Doc.

Hannah: I have to get back to Audrey. Audrey is my girl. I love her so much, and I need to be there for her.

Hannah: Oh, Audrey, my love for you is bigger than any wad of gum. I'd do anything to be there for you. If you can be brave, so can I.

Hallie: (to Hannah) Audrey's luckier than a cricket in a bed of four-leaf clovers to have you as her toy.

Doc: She sure is.

Dress Up Declan: You are being so brave.

Doc: Just like your kid.

Hannah: Just like Audrey.

Stuffy: I know brave, on account of I'm a brave dragon and all, and you're one brave toy, Hannah.

Hannah: Thanks. I learned from the bravest kid I know.

Audrey: Mom, look at Hannah! The gum's gone, and so is her hair!

Audrey's mom: Oh, a nurse must've come in and cut the gum out.

Hallie: A nurse, a doctor, a hairdresser and three toy med students. Oh, it takes a village to help a toy.

Audrey: I love you, Hannah. You look more beautiful than ever.

Audrey's mom: She sure does. In fact, she looks just like you. Oh! (Hugs Audrey)

Audrey: Can I take Hannah with me to my treatment now?

Audrey's mom: You sure can, sweet pea.

Audrey: I'm so happy you're coming with me to my treatment, Hannah. I don't know what I'd do without you, and I never, ever wanna find out.

Chilly: Hannah's love for Audrey really melts my snowman heart.

Stuffy: I think Audrey is ready for her treatments now.

Doc: She would say she's ready, ready, ready.