Doc McStuffins Wiki
Pickles: I know what's bothering you.
Hazel: (Gasps) Pickles! Don't say...
Pickles: It's okay, Hazel. You can tell Doc.
Doc: Sure, Hazel. You can tell me anything.
Hazel: Thanks, but I really don’t wanna talk about it.
Hazel: (after Doc sings "What's Going On?”) Well, Doc, the thing is... sometimes my trunk leaks when I sleep. It's super embarrassing. No one else seems to leak. So... I'd rather just stay home.
Doc: Aw, Hazel. I know that was really hard for you to tell me, but I'm really glad you did.
Hazel: You are?
Doc: Sure, leaking is nothing to be embarrassed about.
Hazel: It's not?
Doc: It's not. But, I would like to give you a check-up. That way, we can find out why you're leaking.
Stuffy: (as Lambie and Pickles are hugging) Ooh, I'm crashing this cuddle!
Doc: Hazel is Emmie's new water toy.
Chilly: Oh, I admire what you guys do. All that time playing outside under the hot sun. I would melt!
Doc: (Giggles) Chilly, you're stuffed, remember?
Chilly: Right, but why take chances?
Lambie: Are you guys staying for the sleepover tonight?
Pickles: Sure am! I just know Doc and Emmie are gonna to be up giggling like all night long!
Lambie: And giving us lots of cuddles too!
Hazel: Well, I don’t know if I’m gonna stay.
Hazel: I don’t know.
Stuffy: They play dress up, stay up late, play fun games, like sleeping bag hope.
Chilly: (to Hazel about the sleepover) Are you nervous 'cause it's your first one? Hazel, I know new stuff can be scary. My first day at the toy store was scary. All those kids runnin' around! My first day at the McStuffins house was scary! There was a big green thing all covered in lights!
Stuffy: It was a Christmas tree.
Chilly: I know that now, but then...scary! My first day at--
Doc: Chilly, Hazel's not scared because a sleepover is new.
Hazel: The reason I don't want to go to the sleepover is...well, it's kind of hard to talk about.
Hallie: You can tell us, Hazel.
Hazel: The truth is, sometimes, my trunk leaks when I sleep. It's embarrassing, and I didn't want anyone to see.
Squeakers: (squeaky noises)
Lambie: Hazel, Squeakers says a little leaking is nothing to be ashamed of.
Squeakers: (squeaky noises)
Lambie: He says it's something all water toys go through.
Hazel: It is? (Squeaker Squeaks) Wow, I thought I was the only one in the world who leaked.
Doc: Not at all, Hazel. No let’s give you a checkup and find out what’s causing you to leak.
Emmie: Doc! Can you open the door? My hands are too full.
Doc: Ah. Sure Emmie be right there. So are you gonna stay?
Hazel: I sure am.
Doc: Emmie get ready for water games.
(Later on during the afternoon Doc and Emmie changed and had their waterfight)
Doc: Emmie! You caught me!
(Both splashing and laughing)
(Emmie hiding behind a tree with Hazel and Doc looking for her) Doc looking around and Emmie pops out behind the tree and splashes her (Doc laughs) Emmie rushes pass her.
Emmie: Want another drink Hazel?
Dr. McStuffins: Time to come inside girls! (Comes up with towels) It’s late.