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"Help Us Help You!" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 4 episode "The Most Impatient Patient". It is sung by Doc and Hallie. Doc sings to The Wicked King about how he needs to help them, help him, so he gets better faster and quicker.

Help us help you song

Doc McStuffins Wicked King Disney Junior UK


<poem> Doc: We're sorry you got hurt We're sorry you feel bad Impatience makes it worse

Doc and Hallie: We got this, we'll help you Sit back and relax Help us help you 'Cause that's what we do Give you the finest care that you deserve Help us help you Get better soon

Hallie: Hurry up before you hurt my last nerve

Doc: What she means is help us help you

Doc and Hallie: Get the care you deserve