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Hermie is a toy crab who likes playing in the sand, water or in the dirt. He tends to use the expression "Wicked" a lot.


Physical Appearance[]

Hermie is an orange crab with teal spots and he has eye stalks, two claws and four skinny legs.


  • "Thanks, guys. I was wicked scared there that you'd never find me."
  • "That looks wicked bad."
  • "Wow. My arm feels strong again."
  • "I had a wicked good hiding place, but I'll never tell where it is."
  • "Ah, the aquarium, huh? My old stomping grounds. What did you see?"
  • "I remember that starfish. She was a looker. I miss the old 'hood. Course, I'm glad I'm here. I still remember when you get me, Doc. I was sitting right by the cash register in the gift shop."
  • "As a crab, I know a thing or two about water animals and let me tell you, whales are wicked big!"
  • "A whale smaller than I am. Wait till the wind-up toys at the aquarium hear about this!"
  • "I have never seen such a small whale."
  • "Hurry, Squeakers. He's making those shark eyes at ya."
  • "Good luck, guys. Hope the shark doesn't eat you."
  • "Something smells bad in here! Wicked bad!"
  • "Hey, wicked sorry but I gotta go! Buff my claws?"
  • "Hey Lambie I don't know how to say this but Peaches Pie's clothes are wicked smelly like wet dog smelly?"


  • Doc got Hermie at the aquarium. ("A Whale of a Time")
  • His name is a pun on "hermit crab", another type of crab.