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"Hey! Star Blazer Zero" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 2 episode "Blazer's Bike". It is sung by Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Chilly. In this song, Doc and the gang sing to Star Blazer Zero about wearing a helmet to protect themselves and help each other.


<poem> Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Chilly: Hey, Star Blazer Zero will you be our hero? You'll do better tricks In a helmet that fits

Stuffy and Lambie: Can't be too big or too small 'Cause even the stars fall

Doc: And you could get hurt

Stuffy: How are we supposed to take a rocket ship through space?

Chilly: If we can't even keep our helmets in place?

Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Chilly: Without proper fitting headgear protection You won't pass inspection 'Cause safety comes first Up in space or on earth