Doc McStuffins Wiki

Sproingo Boingo: To be honest Doc, none of my parts hurt. I just don't like the way my spring makes a booooiiiingy-boooingy sound when I jump around.

Hallie: Well there's nothing wrong with your boooingy-sproooingy-boppity-boo sound. We're toys. We make all sorts of funny sounds when we move.

Hallie: I feel healthy as a hippo.

Stuffy: Haha, oh, Hallie. You are a hippo.

Hallie: That's what I said. Healthy as me.

Chilly: Doc, what if there's something in my foot? We've never checked.

Lambie: Because you don't have feet.

Chilly: Well, you can't be too careful.

Stuffy: Somebody save me. I'm too handsome to get ghost-footed.

Lambie: What does that even mean?