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"I'm Gonna Win" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 3 episode "The Scrapiest Dragon". It is sung by Stuffy and Hallie.

I'm gonna win song


<poem> Hallie: I'm swift as a swan with a sweet back hand swing

Stuffy: I'm stealth as a strangely stealthy, um, something

Hallie: I'm fast as a fox in a photo-flash finish

Stuffy: Well I'm quick as a quail, if, well if quails play tennis [Whoa, lookout]

Hallie: I've got style

Stuffy: I've got skill

Stuffy and Hallie: You won't win because I will I'm gonna win

[Stuffy: No, you're not.]

[Hallie: Yes, I am.]

[Stuffy: No, you're not!]

Stuffy and Hallie: I'm not giving up

[Hallie: Was that out?]

[Stuffy: It was in.]

[Hallie: Nice shot.]

Stuffy and Hallie: I'm gonna win, I'm not giving up I'm gonna win the McStuffins cup