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Theme song
Doc: Donny, Donny! Nah. Look at my face! Nah! Ha ha ha ha!
Donny: Ha ha ha! Check out my face!
[Doc and Donny laugh]
Donny: Our fort is awesome!
Doc: And dark! [Chuckles]
Donny: I want to show you something. Hold on!
Doc: What is it?
Donny: You'll see! Here he is! It's Glo-Bo! He glows in the dark. Wait till you see!
Doc: Uh, I don't see anything.
Donny: Hey. Me neither. He's not glowing! He glowed last time I played with him. I don't know what's wrong.
Doc: Why don't you let me take a look at him? It might be a tough case, but I bet I can get his glow back.
Donny: Cool. Thanks, Doc!
Doc: The doc is in!
[Stethoscope goes off]
Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly: Glo-Bo!
Glo-Bo: Hi, guys. [Sighs]
Stuffy: Glo-Bo! It's great to see you, old buddy! You're always the life of the party! Fist bump? Give me 5?
[Glo-Bo sighs]
Lambie: Oh, yeah, and you've got the strongest cuddle I've ever felt! Lay one on me, big guy!
Glo-Bo: A cuddle? Uh, sure. That sounds nice.
Lambie: Ha ha ha! Huh? Well, that's not the old Glo-Bo cuddle I remember.
[Glo-Bo sighs]
Stuffy: I know! Usually he's jumping around, waving all his arms... ♪ Dancing all over the place ♪
Doc: Glo-Bo isn't as energetic as I remember him either.
Hallie: Hmm. You do look a little droopy and soupy, sugar.
Glo-Bo: Yeah, I know. I haven't been my go-go-Glo-Bo self for a while now.
Stuffy: Hey, Glo-Bo. Can we see you glow? You're so good at it!
Glo-Bo: Well, sure. I'd love to glow! Maybe that'll make me feel better. Let's make it dark in here.
Doc: Wait, Glo-Bo. It--
Glo-Bo: It's no trouble, Doc. I love to make the people happy! [Grunting]
Stuffy: I'm on it!
Glo-Bo: How do I look? Do I positively glow?
Lambie: Well...
Doc: No.
Chilly: You're not glowing!
Glo-Bo: I'm not? Why can't I glow? I'm usually so good at glowing.
Doc: Don't worry, Glo-Bo. We'll figure out what's wrong.
Stuffy: Aah! Aaigh! A little help here? Here comes Glo-Bo! There he goes.
Glo-Bo: Love to, little dragon buddy, but I--I don't have the energy!
Lambie: Lambie to the rescue. Whoo-hoo!
Stuffy: Thanks!
Lambie: Aw, no problem.
[Glo-Bo sighs]
Lambie: Oh, Glo-Bo, you not glowing, is like--like... if I didn't give cuddles anymore!
Stuffy: Or if I wasn't very, very brave!
Lambie: Yeah. Not the same.
Doc: Glo-Bo, we'll get you all checked out and see what's wrong.
Glo-Bo: Thanks, Doc. I really want my glow back.
Doc: Open wide.
Glo-Bo: Ahh. Mmm. I don't feel good.
Doc: You're definitely tired.
Chilly: Tired? I get tired! I get tired every night at bedtime! Is something wrong with me, Doc?
Doc: Chilly, everyone gets tired at bedtime, but Glo-Bo is really tired during the day.
Chilly: Ooh, got it.
Doc: Glo-Bo, have you been getting enough sleep?
Glo-Bo: Yeah. I'm getting tons of sleep, and I still feel tired.
Doc: Huh. Why are you sleeping so much?
Glo-Bo: Well, Donny got a new train. He's been playing with him most of the time. Not that I blame Trevor. That's the new toy train. He's a nice guy. Real nice, but I've been in the toy box since he came around, so I sleep.
Doc: Sleeping too much. Lots of time in the toy box.
Stuffy: What does he have?
Doc: I don't know. This is a tough case. I don't have all the answers yet!
Glo-Bo: Ooh! That sun feels gooood! Doc, mind if I go outside for a sec while you're figuring it out?
Doc: Sure, Glo-Bo.
Stuffy: We'll come to.
Lambie: Yeah, and we'll keep you company.
Glo-Bo: Thanks, guys.
Doc: I got to figure this out.
Glo-Bo: Whoa! That sun is bright, but it feels nice.
Lambie: Ohh. It really does.
Glo-Bo: Oh, yeah. It's good to move this arm and this one. Oh, and--and this one, too, and--and also these 3! Hey! Hey! I--I got to say, I'm starting to feel a little better.
Doc: Could it be No-Vroom-Vroom-atosis? No. He's not a car. Maybe it's EyesWide-itis. But he's been sleeping. Hmm. What could it be?
Glo-Bo: Watch this! 28, 29, 30, 32, 35--I'm not too good at math. 38, 50. I did 50 push-ups!
Lambie: Wow! That's amazing!!
Glo-Bo: You think that's amazing? Check this out. 3-handed! Yep. Starting to feel like my old self again!
Stuffy: That's the old Glo-Bo we know!
Lambie: And love!
Glo-Bo: I am the glo-binator! Come here and give me some. Bbblll, bbblll!
Doc: Glo-Bo went outside, and now he's feeling better. Hallie, I think I figured out the problem! Hey, Glo-bo, when was the last time you went outside before today?
Glo-Bo: Well, um, I honestly can't remember, Doc. I think I've been inside that dark toy box for a couple of weeks at least.
Doc: I have a diagnosis!
Lambie: What is it, Doc?
Stuffy: Yeah. Why can't Glo-Bo glow?
Doc: Glo-Bo has No-Glow-a-tosis!
Hallie: No-Glow-a-who-sis?
Doc: It means that Glo-Bo has been inside a dark place for way too long. When you stay inside and don't move around for a long time, you can get tired out!
Stuffy: You can get tired out by doing nothing?
Doc: Yep! Getting outside and exercising gives you energy, and I think Glo-Bo needs exercise and sun so he can glow.
Hallie: Well, sunshine and snowballs! You need to get out more, sweetie!
Glo-Bo: I do! I really do!
♪ I've been stuck here inside ♪
♪ Just little old me ♪
♪ Now I got to get out ♪
♪ To see what I can see ♪
♪ Let's play outside ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Let's play outside ♪
♪ Let's play outside ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Let's play outside ♪
♪ Tag and hide-and-seek ♪
♪ Toss a ball around with me ♪
[Everyone except Chilly]
♪ Let's play outside ♪
♪ When the weather is nice ♪
♪ Weather nice ♪
♪ Gonna get all my friends ♪
♪ All my friends ♪
♪ Run in the sun to get my ♪
[Glo-Bo and Hallie]
♪ Glow back on again ♪
♪ Let's play outside ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Let's play outside ♪
♪ Let's play outside ♪
[Doc, Stuffy and Lambie]
♪ Let's play outside ♪
♪ Before it gets dark, have a picnic in the park ♪
♪ Let's play outside ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah ♪
Glo-Bo: Ahh. Ohh. It does feel good to be outside. You know, it feels better then good. It feels great! Tag! You're it!
Stuffy: I'm it! I'm it! I'm gonna tag someone!
Lambie: Ha ha! You can't catch me!
Stuffy: Unh! Aah!
Hallie: Go ahead, sugar. Tag the hippo!
Stuffy: Tag. You're it!
Glo-Bo: Bet you can't catch me!
Hallie: Ha ha! Oh, no, no, no! Whoo! Ha ha! That's some hussle, glow-boy! Tag.
Chilly: Hoo hoo! You're it!
Lambie: Ha ha! Ha ha! Tag. You're it!
Stuffy: Tag! You're it!
Doc: You're it, Glo-Bo.
Stuffy: Glo-Bo?
Glo-Bo: Tag! You're it! Ha!
Glo-Bo: Whoo-whee! I have been inside too long. I feel good. Like I want! Everybody, dance!
♪ Da da da da-da ♪
♪ Da da da da-da ♪
♪ Da da da da-da ♪
♪ Da da da da-da ♪
♪ Da da da da-da ♪
Hallie: You dashing dancing monster!
[Doc, Stuffy, Lambie and Chilly giggle]
Glo-Bo: Hey-oh! Glo-Bo is back! Or at least I think I am. Do you think I've got my glow back, too?
Doc: There's only one way to find out.
Glo-Bo: Follow me to the clinic, friends!
♪ Cha-cha cha-cha cha-cha ♪
♪ Cha-cha cha-cha cha-cha ♪
♪ Cha-cha cha-cha cha-cha ♪
Glo-Bo: Whoo-hoo!
Doc: OK, Glo-Bo. Are you ready to find out?
Glo-Bo: Ready as a ray of light!
Doc: Hallie, Lambie, the shades. Squeakers, the lights, please!
Doc: Glo-Bo, where are you?!
Glo-Bo: Did somebody want me to...
Doc, Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly: Ooh!
Glo-Bo: Shed a little light on the situation?
♪ Cha-cha cha-cha cha-cha ♪
♪ Cha-cha cha-cha cha-cha ♪
Stuffy: Yeah!
Lambie: All right, Glo-Bo!
Chilly: You look great!
Hallie: Good glowing!
Doc: You're glowing! Glo-Bo, a little sunshine and exercise cured your No-Glow-a-tosis!
Glo-Bo: I feel go-go-Glo-Bo-great! Thank you, Doc!
♪ I feel better, so much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc, for taking ♪
♪ All the ouches away ♪
♪ Didn't feel so good till you fixed me ♪
♪ Like I knew that you would ♪
♪ And I feel better, so much better now ♪
Glo-Bo: Look at me! I'm glowing! I'm glowing!
Doc: Hey, Glo-Bo. I know someone who would love to see you glow--Donny!
Glo-Bo: Oh, yeah? I'd love to glow for the don-man! It would make my day!
Doc: Glo-Bo, It's glow time.
Stuffy: Good luck, Glo-Bo!
Lambie: Bye, Glo-Bo!
Chilly: You're the glowiest guy I know!
Glo-Bo: Thanks, everybody! You're all the best!
Doc: Hey, Donny! I have a surprise for you.
Donny: I'm in here! Glo-Bo, you're glowing! You fixed him, Doc!
Doc: Well, he just needed to get out a little. Everybody does!
Donny: Awesome! Thanks, Doc!
Doc: You're welcome, Donny. Glad I could brighten up your day!
[Doc and Donny giggle]
Doc: Donny!
[Doc and Donny giggle]