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Joni the Pony

Joni, full name Joni the Show-Stopping Pony, is a toy horse belonging to Emmie. Joni has a long, beautiful mane, which she is very proud of. In fact, her mane used to be so long that she kept tripping over it, so Doc decided to give her a haircut.


Joni is a pink toy horse with a long, sparkling purple mane and tail. She has a small knob on her head that allows her to adjust the length of her mane to her liking.


Her voice actress, Kelly Stables, also voiced Will Vandom in W.I.T.C.H., Digit in Shorty McShort's Shorts, Athena and Puffy in Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon, and Saffron in Sofia the First.

She is owned by Emmie, but the latter occasionally lets Doc borrow her.

Her mane is purple in all of her appearances, but in The Hallie Trap, she has a green mane.