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"Joni the Pony" is the first segment of the ninety-first episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on April 18, 2016.


When Joni the pony trips over her long mane, the other toys suggest that she get a haircut.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Joni: Oh, if I got to perform with a ballerina, that would make my day! What do you say we put on a lamb-and-pony show?
Lambie: Perform with a real show pony? Oh, I'd lovity, love love to.
Hallie: And since you're both pink, you can call it Pinkapalooza.
Lambie and Joni: Love it!
Stuffy: Oh, you said that at the same time.
Lambie and Joni: I know. Jinx. Jinx!
Hallie: Aw, and you're already like two peas in a pod.
Joni: Showstoppers stick together.
Lambie: Like pink in a wink. (Stuffy, Hallie and Chilly look at her) Hm, that sounded better in my head.

Stuffy: Being a stagehand is fun. (Hula hoops)
Hallie: Sugar, stagehands help, they don't hoop.
Stuffy: Right. Helping now. (Trips over hoop) As soon as I get up.

Joni: I feel terrible, Lambie. I didn't mean for you to get hurt.
Lambie: It's okay. Performers fall all the time, right?
Joni: I know, but you fell because of me.


  • Diagnosis: Hoof-and-mane-itis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Joni
  • This is one of the times Doc has borrowed one of Emmie's toys while she's doing something else.
  • This episode along with "Sleepless in Stuffyland" is the 24th Season 3 episode in production order.