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"Keep on Truckin" is the second segment of the eleventh episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on April 5, 2012.


Donny's toy truck, Tremaine, learns how to keep still to get repainted.


Donny and Mr. McStuffins are putting together a new toy truck for the Big Wheelie Dealie contest at the park. Donny adds some flame stickers and paints racing stripes on the truck, and names him Tremane. Mr. McStuffins tells Donny that they'll leave in an hour, so Donny and Doc decides to play with Tremane. After he races down the slide, he runs over some rocks, and scrapes his painted stripes! Donny is disappointed, and Doc sees if she can fix Tremane, and takes him to her clinic.

At the clinic, Tremane introduces himself, and begins racing around the clinic. He stops in front of a mirror, and is shocked to see his paint scratched! Doc gives him a check up, and diagnoses Tremane with the "Scratchy Scrapies", meaning his paint is scratched. Doc tells him that they can paint over the scratches, wait for it to dry, and soon, he'll be good as new! Doc wipes away his scratched stripes, and prepares to repaint him, but Tremane can't stop moving. Hallie is able to get him to stay still, as Doc repaints the stripes, but once she is done, Tremane begins to race around, and scratches the stripes again!

Donny comes to the clinic, telling Doc that it's almost time for the Big Wheelie Dealie, and Doc tells him that she is still working on Tremane. After he leaves, Tremane is upset, and doesn't want to disappoint Donny, and Doc tells him that the only way he can help is by staying still as she lets her paint him and let the paint dry, and Tremane promises not to move. She repaints the stripes, and thanks him for staying still, and puts a bandage over the stripes to keep them clean as they dry. Since the bandage will protect the paint, she lets Tremane race around. Soon, it's time to remove the bandage, and the stripes are perfect! With his "Scratchy Scrapies" cured, Tremane thanks Doc, and Doc takes him to Donny, who is excited to take him to the Big Wheelie Dealie. At the contest, Tremaine and Donny win! Donny gets a trophy, and thanks Doc for helping.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript
Tremane: The names Tremane, and trucking's my game!
Stuffy: Hi, Tremaine. I'm Stuffy, and being a brave dragon is my game. But I also like checkers.
Doc: Tremane, Donny's counting on you, but the only way you can win best-looking in the Big Wheelie Dealie is if you stay still and let me work.
Tremane: Well, gosh, I surely don't want to let Donny down, or your pops. I'll do whatever it takes, Doc.
Doc: That's what I want to hear.


  • Diagnosis: Scratchy Scrapies
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Tremane
  • Stuffy reveals that he likes checkers.
  • Officer Pete makes a cameo in this episode as an inanimate toy at the basketball court.
  • A green truck resembling Lenny is also seen.
  • This is the first time ever Chilly sings the Time for Your Checkup song with the rest of the gang.
  • This is the only episode where Luca, Will, Carlos, Emmie and Alma are all in the same episode together. Luca and Alma would later be seen in the same episode in Winded Winnie.
  • This is the second and finale time Will and Carlos are seen in the same episode the other being Stuck Up.
  • This is Will’s third and last appearance of the series. He previously appears in A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns and Stuck Up.