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Kiko is an action figure from Japan that Doc was given by her grandmother, who had been there to visit some friends during "The New Girl". Kiko is a toy that can speak both English and Japanese. She loves playing and is always athletic.



Kiko shows qualities one may find in a tomboy. As in, a girl who doesn't exactly act like a girl. She's very loud and loves to have fun. She seems to also be just a bit of a bragger and keeps saying that because she's an action toy she's good at practically every challenge that may come to her. She isn't really modest and keeps pointing out her specialties to others, and she seems to like praise and showing off.

But at the same time, Kiko is not entirely senseless. She understands that she has limits and isn't that stubborn about it. Having easily admitted to her problem the moment she noticed it and eagerly accepted the advice Doc gave her.

It's possible she also happens to be smart, considering she is Japanese and speaks Japanese, but she easily spoke English upon meeting the others for the very first time. Though it's also possible that any toy can speak any language.

Physical Appearance[]

Kiko is a small action figure that vaguely resembles a Japanese anime character. She has olive skin and big blue eyes, along with pink cheeks and peach-colored lips. Which may or may not be makeup. Her hair is black and worn in a bob-cut with uneven bangs and a pair of yellow goggles worn on the top of her head.

Kiko's attire is very colorful and consists of a crimson dress with a loose brown belt around her hips and a gold amulet bucket with a small dragon or snake depicted on it. As well as a brown vest with dark blue sleeves and lighter blue cuffs at her wrist. Her boots are dark blue, and they match her sleeves.


  • "Arigatou gozaimasu1"
  • "I'm from Japan!"
  • "Wait till I hit the bubble wrap with my action kick!"
  • "I'm an action toy!"
  • "I never get tired! Standing still all that time I was traveling from Japan, well, that was the hard part for me. I can't wait to get moving."
  • "Cool hammer, Doc! What are we gonna build?"
  • "Action figures never get tired!"


  • Her voice actress, Janice Kawaye, has voiced another Japanese girl previously, this being Ami from "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi". She’s also known as the voice of Jenny Wakeman from "My Life as a Teenage Robot", who’s an action robot girl and also happens to be a mix of Kiko, 2005 and Ami. She was also 2005's Season 1 and Season 2 voice in the fanfiction-animated series "The Years House", an optimistic Japanese American girl who’s also known to speak Japanese as well, to which Maria Estrada also voice directed The Years House as well.