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"Kirby's Derby" is the first segment of the eighty-second episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on January 2, 2016.


Doc helps Sir Kirby realize the importance of reporting your pet's injury right away after Bonnie Blue's wheel comes off during the big derby.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

The Wicked King: (After he gets knocked off horse) You wicked, wicked horse. You are perfect for me. Mwah!

Sir Kirby: I'm on my steed and there's a crown of roses. Are we having, oh dare I say it, a derby?
Doc: If by derby you mean every toy horse race within all-backward obstacle course, then yes!
Sir Kirby: Lady McStuffins, that is exactly what I mean. Oh, dream come true.
The Wicked King: Hm, I might be excited as well, but before I decide, what do I get when I win? Zing, zing.
Doc: The McStuffins cup.
The Wicked King: Ooh, shiny. King like-y. Excited!
Queen Amina: Oh, Wicked King, winning is its own award. Trophies and trinkets are for common toys.
Doc: And this rose crown.
Queen Amina: (Gasp) I want it, I want it, I want it! Please?
Dress-Up Daisy: A rose crown on me? Fabulous! Hey Bronty, racing partners?
Bronty: Ooh, yes, yes!

Chilly: Ladies and gentle toys, it's time for the parade of horses! Riding his rolling steed Bonnie Blue is... Sir Kirby! Wicked King is on Fiddlekicks. And riding the bubbly blue dino, Bronty Blue, is Daisy!
Hallie: And last, and sparkliest, riding Sparkler Posy is Queen Amina.

The Wicked King: Aren't noble knights supposed to ride behind there kings?
Sir Kirby: Not wicked kings, no. (Whistles to his horse) Let's go. (Pulls ahead)

Sir Kirby: Oh, to stop or not to stop. That is the question. For if I stop, we lose. If I jam your wheel back on, we win! But will we win with honor? Hm, I'm really between a rocking horse and a hard place.

Doc: Sir Kirby, are you okay?
Sir Kirby: Yes, I'm okay, I'm okay. But (gasp) look at that. Bonnie seems to have, and boy is this a surprise to me, lost a wheel.
Stuffy: Oh, I'll get it. (Chases wheel and trips) Oh, I lost it.
Lambie: Ahem, it's on your back.
Stuffy: Oh, ha ha ha! Didn't lose it.


  • Diagnosis: Cracky-Wobbly Wheelie-Whoops
  • Despite having shown up in previous episodes, this is the first time Sir Kirby's horse, Bonnie Blue, is named.
  • Sir Kirby's states at one point "To stop or not to stop. That is the question." This is based on the famous Shakespearian saying, "To speak, or not to speak. That is the question."
  • This is the first episode to air in 2016.