Doc McStuffins Wiki
Sir Kirby: What are doing, you silly king? Unhand my leg!
The Wicked King: I don't have hands!
Sir Kirby: What wicked trick is this?
The Wicked King: Don't blame me. I didn't do it.
Sir Kirby: Scary, scary monster!
The Wicked King: You silly dilly! It's only made of cardboard.
The Wicked King: I cannot believe I'm stuck to you!
Sir Kirby: Well, I cannot believe I have the bad luck to be stuck to you!
The Wicked King: We must get to Doc, so she can figure out a way to un-stick us.
Sir Kirby: For once, I completely agree.
Hallie: Woo, it sure is quieter without Sir Kirby and Wicked King fighting.
Stuffy: I hope Donny's cardboard monster doesn't eat them.
Doc: (Giggles) Don't worry. I'm sure they're fine.