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Lala is a baby toy koala that talks in a baby-like voice as she was found in a toy store when Doc was looking for a special cuddly, brave, playful toy for her new baby sister as Lala comes with special straps on her back to hang on a crib.

In the episode "Baby Names", she has her red flute with a little white flower on the part in her pocket, which she uses to play a song for Maya, like "Brahms' Lullaby", but her flute-playing is so loud that it makes Maya wake up and cry.

Lala is chosen by Doc to be her adoptive little sister Maya's first special toy. She worries at first about being a good toy for Maya, but Doc helps to see that she just needs to be herself. Her singsong "My-a" in regards to the baby helps Doc come up with the name "Maya" to suggest to her parents for the baby's name, which is accepted. Lala and Maya are very much alike, because they are new to the family. Lala is one of the major characters


  • Lala was discovered when she grabbed Doc's lab coat.
  • Lala's voice actress, Cristina Milizia, also voices characters such as Poison Ivy in DC Super Hero Girls, Teresa in Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures, Marisol Coxi, Abbey Bominable, and Moanica D'Kay in Monster High, Carlitos in The Casagrandes, Baby Reggie in Middlemost Post, Baby Bottle in The Cuphead Show, Maya, Petey, and Kaylie in Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Amumu, Annie, and Nunu in League of Legends, and Darcy in Bunsen is a Beast.