Lambie Gets the Linties
Season 3, Episode 14A
Lambie Gets the Linties
Air date November 6, 2015
Written by Cate Lieuwen
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"Lambie Gets the Linties" is the first segment of the seventy-seventh episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on November 6, 2015.


Doc must help Lambie remove the lint from her plush in time for her to be a part of Professor Hootsburgh's plush portrait painting.




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The Wicked King: As your king, I shall be in every picture. So if you don't put me in on purpose, I shall just sneak in. In fact, I feel like photo-bombing my own picture right now. (Laughs) Huzzah! (Takes picture)
Professor Hootsburgh: Photo what?
Hallie: Photo-bombing is when somebody pops into someone else's photo when they've got no business being in it.
Professor Hootsburgh: Well, this isn't exactly a photo, Wicked King. It is a painted portrait.
The Wicked King: Photo, portrait, it matters not. I am the king, and therefore, my royal image should always be captured. Always.

Stuffy: Oh, wait a second. I got something that'll look really cool. How do I look? Like a clown dragon or a dragon clown? (Everyone laughs)
Chilly: What a funny clown. Hey, where's Stuffy? He loves clowns. Stuffy! Come check out this clown.
Lambie: (Sighs) That is Stuffy.
Chilly: Lambie, Stuffy doesn't have rainbow hair.
Professor Hootsburgh: Will you please remove that clown wig?
Stuffy: Okay.
Chilly: Stuffy, where were you? You missed the clown.

Stuffy: (After Lambie falls) That was great. I couldn't have wiped out any better myself.

Lambie: Ta-da! How do I look? Am I fresh and fluffy again? (Everyone gasps) That is not the reaction I was hoping for.
Doc: I don't want to alarm you, but...
Chilly: You've got something all over you.
Lambie: What? (Looks at her paws, screams and crashes into the other toys)

Professor Hootsburgh: Lambie, I'm sorry, but I need to finish before the sun goes down. There's a chance we may have to finish the portrait without you.

Lambie: I'm done, I'm ready. Huh?
Professor Hootsburgh: The portrait is finished.
Lambie: Oh, no. It's true. You couldn't wait for me. Guess I won't go down in history as one of your famous plush toys, Doc. Maybe years from now, no one will even remember me.
Doc: Of course we'll remember.
Professor Hootsburgh: Lambie, I think you may be pleasantly surprised. (All exclaiming at seeing the portrait)
Lambie: I'm in the portrait. But how did you...
Professor Hootsburgh: A good painter knows how to keep special things in her memory.
Lambie: I'm a special thing?
Professor Hootsburgh: Indeed you are.
Stuffy: And we helped. We imagined your happy smile.
Chilly: And your fluffy ears.
Ben: And your cuddly arms.
Charlie: And your pink tutu.
Professor Hootsburgh: I simply painted you from the heart.
Lambie: It's baa-eautiful!


  • Diagnosis: Hyper-lint-ema
  • This is the third time Lambie sings "I Feel Better" after her checkup.
  • This is the sixth time Ben and Anna were seen at Doc's house as Doc borrowed them from Emmie and Alma's house.
  • This is the third time Doc was seen in her operating clothes. The first two episodes were "Getting to the Heart of Things" and "Molly Molly Mouthful".
  • This is the second episode where Stuffy dresses up like a clown. The first was in "Toy in the Sun".
  • This is the second surgery episode where a patient doesn't need to be asleep.
  • It's revealed that Professor Hootsburgh is a very good painter.
  • Stuffy's line "A beautiful day means it's time to play" he also said in the season one episode "Loud Louie".
  • When we see the picture with Stuffy and The Wicked King, Stuffy is missing his red collar.



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