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"Lambie and the McStuffins Babies" is the one-hundred and thirteenth episode of the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins, which premiered on July 15, 2017.


When Stuart the Stork accidentally twists his leg, Lambie and the gang must deliver the babies from Baby Doll Headquarters to the Nursery, but in the process end up falling into the Magic Heart Maker and become babies themselves.





For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Lambie: Three healthy and cutitey-cute baby dolls ready to be delivered. Time to take them to their new home through the toy box portal. (Gasp) And to think I'll have four more new baby dolls in the nursery by this afternoon. I lovity-love my job.

Stuffy: If you need any help getting ready perhaps I can lend a helping hand. Aaah! (Trips over rattle)
Lambie: Oh, Stuffy. That's okay. (Helps Stuffy up) As head of the nursery, I'm always ready.

Stuart: Who's gonna make my deliveries?
Lambie: I will! Oh, I've always wanted to know how baby toys are delivered. Pretty please let me help.
Stuart: Well, Lambie, that takes a load off of me. I know you won't let me down.
Stuffy: Of course she won't. Because she'll have me and Chilly helping her.
Chilly: Huh? Oh, yeah. Me... Helping... (Chuckles)
Hallie: Don't forget the hippo. "Helpings" my middle name.
Stuart: Now that's a stellar delivery team.
Doc: I think so too. Good luck, guys. I'll see you back at the hospital.

Delilah: There they are. Ah, what a darling group we've got today.
Lambie: Will they be ready to go soon?
Delilah: Very soon. Now there's one more important step to bring them to life. The magic heart maker. It takes the magic of love to make a baby doll. And the magic heart maker is full of that magic. As soon as a doll receives a dose of love they're ready to get delivered to the nursery so they can get their baby toy checkups.

Baby Lambie: What just happened?
Baby Hallie: Wowie!
Baby Stuffy: I know I'm a big brave dragon, but you all seem totally small.
Baby Hallie: Why are you wearing a diaper?
Baby Stuffy: Gah! Dragons don't diaper. Silly, Hallie! I'm wearing a... (Gasp) Diaper?!
Baby Lambie: Only baby toys wear diapers.
Baby Chilly: (Mumbling) We're all baby toys. (Lambie take out Chilly's pacifier) We've all turned into baby toys!

Baby Lambie: We may be baby toys, but we made a promise to Stuart. We've got to get these baby dolls to the nursery for their checkup.

Baby Chilly: Where are we? I don't wanna look.
Baby Stuffy: We're in a house with a big comfy, womfy couch. This tells me a lot. Actually it tells me nothing at all.
Baby Hallie: (Sees drawing) Looky. There must be kids here.
Baby Lambie: But that means... (Gasp) We've been delivered to a family.
Baby Chilly: But we're Doc's toys.

Baby Lambie: (Crying) Oh, I messed up everything. We'll never get to the nursery. (Sniffling) I'm sorry. I'm so sorry everyone.
Baby Hallie: I think this calls for a cuddle. (Everyone cuddles Lambie)
Baby Lambie: Thank you. But I... I let you down.
Baby Hallie: You've been keeping us going. We're in good hands wherever we are as long as we're with you.
Baby Lambie: I'd do anything for these baby dolls. And my friends.

Baby Stuffy: Do they have an elevator around here?

Baby Stuffy: Hey, Doc, do you think we could turn back to normal now?
Doc: Oh, I don't know. You guys are pretty adorable. You know, maybe I should keep you like this.
Baby Stuffy, Baby Lambie, Baby Hallie and Baby Chilly: No!
Doc: (Giggles) I'm just kidding.

Doc: (To her toys) You were really cute babies. (Giggles) But I'm glad you're back to normal.

Lambie: (After she notices that Stuffy, Hallie and Chilly had fallen asleep) I guess I really am good at taking care of baby toys. And my friends.