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Leilani is a hula girl toy from Hawaii that hula dances when the sun hits her, but because she's been in a box for so long, she becomes slow and weak. Doc learns the hula from Leilani.


Physical Appearance[]

Leilani is a hula girl toy from Hawaii with black hair. She wears a pink shirt, a tan-colored grass skirt, and a rainbow-colored lei and bracelets.


  • "The sunniest Hawaiian greetings to everybody! My name is Leilani. Aloha!"
  • "When I dance, I am the islands; the islands are me!"
  • "When I dance the hula, I tell stories with every move of my hips, my hands, and my shoulders."


  • "Leilani" is a Hawaiian name that means heavenly flower.
  • She sort of resembles Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.
  • She could possibly be named after Leilani Jones, the audio describer for Disney DVDs.
  • Her voice actress, Liza Del Mundo, has also voiced Hay Lin in W.I.T.C.H.