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Leilani's Lu'au
Season 2, Episode 6A
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Air date October 17, 2013
Written by Ed Valentine
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"Leilani's Lu'au" is the first segment of the thirty-second episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on October 17, 2013.


Doc and the toys discover that Leilani, a new hula girl toy, is solar powered and needs sunlight for energy.


Doc and Donny get gifts in the mail from their grandmother who is visiting Hawaii as Doc gets a toy Hawaiian dancer named Leilani as the toys discover that Leilani is homesick about being away from her homeland of Hawaii as the toys make a luau for her to make Leilani happy.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Leilani: The sunniest Hawaiian greetings to everybody! My name is Leilani. Aloha!
Stuffy: Um, aloh-wha?
Leilani: Why, "aloha" is how we Hawaiians say hello and goodbye, of course!
Stuffy: Hello and goodbye? So which one did you mean?
Hallie: Well, since she just got here, I'm guessing she's saying hello!
Stuffy: Oh yeah, that makes sense. Aloha! That was "hello", in case you were wondering!

Chilly: Uh, Leilani, what's Hawaii like? Are there snowmen like me?
Leilani: No snowmen. Most of the time, it's sunny and warm! We Hawaiians love swimming and surfing...
Surfer Girl: Who doesn't? Way to hang ten, girl!
Leilani: But the thing I'll miss most is dancing the hula. When I dance, I am the islands; the islands are me!

Leilani: When I dance the hula, I tell stories with every move of my hips, my hands, and my shoulders.

Lambie: Everybody needs to go outside and play in the sun sometimes.
Doc: If you're not a toy, you just have to be careful. I always wear sunscreen and my sun hat.

Lambie: Um, Leilani? Do you still feel homesick?
Leilani: I will always love my islands. But I feel so much love here, it fills my heart with sunshine!


  • Diagnosis: No-Hula-tosis
  • Toys that debut in this episode: Leilani
  • In Hawaiian Leilani means "Heavenly Lei".
  • The diagnoses from the episodes "Run Down Race Car" and "Get Set to Get Wet" were seen in the big book of boo-boos when Doc was trying to figure out how Leilani gets energy.