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Lenny the Fire Truck is one of Donny's favorite toys.



Lenny is a nice and sweet loving fire truck who is always willing to help others.

Physical Appearance[]

Lenny is a red fire truck with a blue siren. He has a water hose and a yellow ladder attached to him.


  • "I keep running out of water. A fire engine that can't put out a fire, even a pretend one, isn't that much fun to play with."
  • "I know Doc's great at fixing toys, but I've never been to a doctor before. So go easy 'cause I'm a little scared."
  • "I've been feeling kind of tired and my head sort of hurts sometimes. But mostly when it's really hot outside."
  • "Wow. You did it, Doc! You helped me get healthy and strong."


  • His voice actor, Jeff Fischer, also voices characters such as Doug Reisman in Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, MC Cobra in Jackie Chan Adventures, Petro in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Yuj in the Final Fantasy video games, and Jeff Fischer from American Dad!.