Doc McStuffins Wiki

Lambie: Doc, why is Florence Nightingale so great?

Doc: Well she was the first real nurse. Before Florence Nightingale, nurses weren't trained but she changed that and started a school that teach them what to do.

Hallie: She taught nurses all over the world how to care of their patients.

Sir Kirby: I see did I hear you talking about the old England? My homeland! Well technically the toy store on Main Street is my homeland but ha ha you know what I mean.

Doc: Anyway, Florence lived there a long time ago, like almost 200 years ago. It was really different than today. There were no cars, or telephones, or electricity.

Stuffy: Ha, nice clothes.

Chilly: Speak for yourself. My hat is...growing!

Doc: That's a top hat Chilly. That's what gentleman wore in the 1800's.

Chilly: Oh, haha. And I guess gentlesnowman too.

Lambie: Wow, is this a real life castle?

Doc: No, it's Florence's house.

Lambie: It's baaaa-eautiful!

Hallie: I can't believe I'm in the house of Florence Nightingale. Whoo whee!

Stuffy: I don't think there’s anyone in there.

Sir Kirby: You cannot just knock on a knight’s armor.

Stuffy: Uh sure you can. Hello? Anybody home?

Sir Kirby: Shh shh! Miss Florence will hear you.

Stuffy: Oh, good point. Ahh! Well now there's someone in here me! Oh nice echo! Hello! Echo! Hello! Echo!

Chilly: Well guess I'm headin' for the laundry machine again.

Hallie: They don't have washing machines in Florence's time, remember?

Chilly: So, huh, how is she gonna to get me clean?

Doc: Florence, I'm gonna tell you something, something I've never told anyone else before. Ever.

Florence: What is it?

Doc: Can't believe I'm gonna do this, but I am so here it goes. Florence, I'm called Doc, because I'm a doctor to stuffed animals and toys.

Florence: Really? Oh thrilling.

Doc: That's not all I want to tell you I know this will be surprising but I can also talk to my toys.

Florence: I talk to my dollies all the time.

Doc: Right. The thing is, my dolls, and stuffed animals and toys well, they talk back.

Bernard: Fix me right up? Little lamb, my button has been missing since last spring.

Toys: *Gasp*

Lambie: That's an awfully long time.

Stuffy: You've been broken that long and your kid hasn't fixed you?

Bernard: Nope, she hasn't fixed any of us. We're all broken, but we just thought once you're broke that's your lot in life.

Lambie: Oh, it doesn't have to be that way.

Chilly: I wonder if she followed her dreams and became a nurse.

Everyone: Oh. Chilly!

Hallie: Of course, she did! She became the greatest nurse of all time, remember?

Chilly: Oh, yeah.