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Little Jack is the son of Big Jack. He is kind and a little bit timid.


Physical Appearance[]

Little Jack lives in a red box while wearing a teal jester suit.


  • "I know! I'm trying to make a big entrance, like you always taught me. But I can't pop the way I usually do."
  • "Thanks, Doc. I was scared, but when I saw you give my pop a checkup, I knew I could do it."
  • "Boy! It's great to make folks laugh like a real clown again."
  • "We're doing it! We're doing it! I can't believe it! Three balls!"
  • "I sure love juggling with my pop."
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Little Jack! And my pop Big Jack and I are gonna juggle for you! Three balls! Which is kind of new for me, so I hope it goes okay."
  • "My dad's in pain. This is kind of scary."

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