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Grandma McStuffins also know as Lois McStuffins who had traveled the world but was mention in episodes like "The New Girl", "Leilani's Lu'au" and "Boxed In" where she sends gifts and toys to her grandchildren, Doc and Donny in the mail. She was mentioned several times on the show and made her on-screen debut in "Bringing Home Baby".



  • Grandma gave Doc her stethoscope and Hallie together after Doc was home from the hospital getting her tonsils out.
  • She also has a stethoscope, just like Doc's. Also, in Welcome to McStuffinsville, she reveals that she already knows about Doc's secret, she can also talk to toys just like her.
  • Grandma gave Doc a toy responder before going to McStuffinsville
  • Her grandfather or Dottie's great-great-grandfather has a stethoscope too.
  • She and Maya (her adopted granddaughter and Doc's adopted younger sister) are the only members of the McStuffins family who know about Doc's secret.
  • She is one of the three human characters other than Doc to sing after Florence Nightingale and Dev.
  • She and Dev are the only characters other than Doc to sing one of the main songs (she sang I Feel Better)
  • It’s unknown if she ever found out about Dev knowing Doc’s secret or if the two met.