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Love Makes a Family is a song from the Season 5 episode "Stuffy's Safari". It is sung by Doc, Lambie, Stuffy, Chilly, and Hallie to show Stuffy that you don’t have to look alike to be family, you just have to love each other.


Doc, Lambie, Chilly and Hallie:

Loves makes a family, love makes a family love, brings us altogether.


We don't have to look alike, to be related you and I.


We know something special, we've got eachother.


Different parents different names.


But in our hearts we are just the same.


We've got eachother's backs

Doc and Hallie:

That's enough yeah, yeah


Love makes a family, loves makes a family love. Brings us all together. Love makes a family, loves makes a family love. 'Cause all that matters is love, love, love. All that matters is love!

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