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Lula is a whale toy that Doc got from the aquarium where she bought Hermie. Lula is known as a sponge toy where water makes her grow. She has the ability to understand what Squeakers is saying.


Physical Appearance[]

Lula is a light pink beluga whale with purple, dark pink and light blue spots. She is normally small enough to fit in a glass cup. When in water for a certain period of time, she gets big enough to fit in a large fish tank.


  • "I know. You were expecting me to be bigger. Whales aren't supposed to be so small."
  • "Ugh. I know. I'm tiny. I don't like it but I'm not gonna be small for long. I'm gonna grow so big someday. I can't wait!"
  • "Everyone's so much bigger than me."
  • "Whee! I'm just gonna hang out and wait to grow."
  • "I was thinking, if I stay in the water overnight, I'd get to be super extra big."
  • "Being big was definitely worth waiting for."