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"Made To Be a Nurse" is the first segment of the ninety-eighth episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on August 26, 2016.


After a new nurse upstages Hallie and she no longer feels needed, Doc helps her to see that she is needed more than ever and appoints her head nurse of McStuffins Toy Hospital.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Doc: Tony the Taxi is our last wiggly wheel case for the day, Hallie. We should probably--
Hallie: Restock the toy wheel bank? Already on it, Doc.
Doc: Thanks, Hallie. Tony's wheels are perf-- Oh, no. I grabbed the wrong chart.
Hallie: Here's the one you need.
Doc: Oh, Hallie, what would I do without you?
Hallie: Well, lucky for you, you're never gonna have to find out. You're my Doc, and I'm your Hallie.

Stuffy: Watching and learning. (Falls off chair) I'm okay.
Lambie: Uh, that was more like watching and falling.

Stuffy: Nice kicks you got here, Leo. Better check your reflexes. (Uses reflex hammer on leg but it pops off) Uh-oh, leg on the loose!
Hallie: This hippo's got it! (But Riley catches it instead)
Riley: Looks like this leg ran away from you, Stuffy.
Stuffy: (Laughs) Reflexes are good.

Hallie: I'm always one step ahead of Doc, but now, Riley's one step ahead of me.

Hallie: I guess Doc doesn't need much of me anymore. Guess I might as well leave them to do their jobs.

Doc: Hallie. That's strange. Hm. Where did she go?
Stuffy: Hallie. Hallie?
Lambie: Hallie never leaves before we finish helping a patient.
Doc: I know. We need to find her.

Stuffy: (After he falls off chair) Ugh. This watching and learning thing is tough for me. (Everyone laughs)

Hallie: (After Doc promotes her) Doc, this is a huge hippo honor. Being a nurse is what I do best. And being head nurse is what I'll do better.
Lambie: To Head Nurse Hallie.
Everyone: Head Nurse Hallie!


  • Diagnoses: Leggy Pops, Cracked Leg Peg-osis, Rhino-twisty
  • This is the second time Doc sings "What's Going On?" to Hallie. The first time was in "Big Head Hallie".
  • Since Riley debuted in a previous episode, this is her first speaking appearance.