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Dr. Maisha McStuffins[1][2][3][4][5] is the wife of Marcus McStuffins, the mother of Doc and Donny and the adoptive mother of Maya. She sometimes has Doc to volunteer for her when there's a patient to help, either toy or person. She is a recurring character in season 1-3 and a guest character in season 4 and 5.



Dr. McStuffins' forename Maisha[1][2][3][4][5] (revealed in "The Big Sleepover") is based on Dr. Myiesha Taylor, an emergency room physician at Texas Regional Medical Center in Sunnyvale.[6]

The original Arabic name ميشا is actually derived from Aisha. Dr. Taylor's reference to "life's blessing" relates to a separate etymology for the simpler spelled "Maisha" which translates to "life" from African origins.


Dr. McStuffins is mostly compassionate and motherly, but when there's a patient in need, she always remains sweet and friendly to them, if the patient is a person, but when Doc is stuck on a hard case when there's a toy to fix, her mother always helps her with some advice or help to fix the toy.

Physical Appearance[]

Dr. McStuffins is a slender African American woman and wears a green long-sleeved shirt and denim jeans. She is often seen wearing a white lab coat just like Doc. She has curly brown hair, brown skin, and brown eyes. On Christmas Day at the end of "A Very McStuffins Christmas" she wore a green sweater with snowflakes embroidered all around it at the bottom. The sleeves and collar are red.


  • "If you need a second opinion, you know where to find me."
  • "Doctors hours are long, but it's worth it to help people feel better."
  • "Emmie, your mom just called to remind you about your piano lesson."
  • "Maybe you can come back after your piano lesson? I'd love to see the show."
  • " Whoa Hoo! The super star-tastic sisters are awesome!
  • "If you hold still, I promise I'll have that splinter out in no time."
  • "Your father's working late, so I thought you, Donny and I could go out for dinner together."
  • " Doc, I'm gonna need you to assist."
  • "This isn't the time for playing. You're sick and the best way for your body to get better is for you to rest. Really rest."
  • ” And if you need anything we're right next door.”
  • ” I can’t believe it. You’re gonna have a great time sweetie. And if you need anything we’re right next store.”
  • ” So, tell us all about your night.”
  • " Doc, your patient is ready."
  • "Waiting can be hard. But sometimes, it makes the thing you waited for even more special."
  • " Time to come inside girls. It's late."
  • " Anyone need to go to the bathroom before bed?"
  • ” Good night, Girls.”
  • ” Oh no, that could never happen.”
  • " There, there, Maya. You're new here, so I bet everything feels really strange."




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