Maya Alana McStuffins
Maya Aileen McStuffins

Full Name

Maya Alana McStuffins


1 years old (almost 2 years old)



Likes: Being with her toy friends in her crib and her family

Her family, Cece


Toy Friends Lala Pandora Dixie and Snuggs

Pandora, Dixie, Snuggs, and Lala


Kari Wahlgren


March 25, 2016

Maya Alana McStuffins is the adorable newborn adopted baby girl of the McStuffins' family. She is a very pretty little girl.

Maya is fond of Lala, a toy koala given to her by Doc. It is revealed in "CeCe's First Bath" that Doc's baby toy Cece has become her favorite toy, and Cece calms her down when she cries.


  • Maya was named by her new toy, Lala. However, the rest of the McStuffins family thought that Doc was the one who name Maya.
  • There's a good chance Maya knows Doc's secret because the toys are often alive in front of her unless someone besides Doc is around.
  • Whenever Maya gets fussy she's taken for a drive in the car to rock her to sleep. ("Fussy Franny")

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