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"McStuffins School of Medicine" is the first segment of the fifty-second episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on October 13, 2014.


Doc hires Tundra, a stuffed polar bear dressed as a doctor, to be her intern and teaches her everything there is to know about being a toy doctor.


As the day begins, Doc's neighbor Emmie arrives with a cast on her foot as she brings home a light blue teddy bear in a doctor outfit as she named her Tundra as she tries to fix Robot Ray until Tundra admits to the toys that she isn't a real doctor as Doc and Hallie teach Tundra all the steps of being a real doctor.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript
Emmie¨ Iḿ fine I just hope I can get back to gymnastics soon
Doctor said she´s be better in a few weeks only now it´s time to rest.
¨Thanks Mom. Doc I can´t go Mini golfing tonight.
¨Ahh. It´s okay.¨

Doc: (to Tundra) Becoming a doctor is a lot of hard work. But it's totally worth it! Hospitals have "interns", students who study medicine and learn from doctors. Even my mom was an intern before she was a doctor.

Stuffy: If I had a case of the Zoom Arounds, I'd go like this...*Runs around really fast until he falls down*
Lambie: And if a dragon had a case of the Dizzy Wizzies, he'd look like that.