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Melinda is a toy mermaid Doc found at the wading pool in the park. She had trouble swimming because her winder-upper was stuck and she didn't take swimming lessons, however she soon learned to swim. Doc then took her home to put in her toy box.


Physical Appearance[]

Melinda is a mermaid with a turquoise tail and matching top, pink hair, green eyes and a golden shell-like crown. Her large eyes resemble anime characters.


  • "Helio--dilly--scrumptious. [Giggles] Who do we have here?"
  • "No one's perfect, you know."
  • "I'd be happy to swim for you."
  • "Mermaids can breathe under water, you know."
  • "My winder-upper?"
  • "My tail is flapping!"
  • "♪ Get ready, for a wonderfully wet mermaid leaping show. ♪"
  • "Oh, Doc, I'm a mermaid. I should be able to swim and leap and do all sorts of tricks. But I just keep sinking." [Melinda cries]
  • "Did you see me? I did it! I learned to swim!"
  • "Thank you ever so much for helping me learn how to swim."


  • In Toy Hospital, she's voiced by G.K. Bowes.
  • She's one of the two toys in the series whose owners are unknown the other being Squibbles.