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Millie the Microphone is a toy karaoke-CD player that comes with her own microphone for singing. She kept repeating words when she spoke and when she was singing because her disc was dirty inside her.


Physical Appearance[]

Millie is a pink and sky blue CD player with a bit of light blue on her.


  • "Well, little lady, give it a try-try-try. Huh. That's weird-weird-weird."
  • “Wait a go-go-go little lamb-lamb-lamb! Hey what’s going on-going on-going on?”
  • “Oh dear-dear-dear and I broke-broke-broke during a performance? Oh that’s bad-bad-bad! Doc can you help me-help me-help me?”
  • “Ahh-Ahh-Ahh!”
  • “That’s easy for you to say-say-say you can stop if you want to-want to-want to.”
  • “Oh-oh-oh.”
  • “I can’t stop-stop-stop! Saying the same thing over and over again-over again-over again!”
  • “Sorry that was loud-loud-loud. Oh, no it didn’t work-didn’t work-didn’t work.”
  • “Taking it away-away-away!”
  • "But What are-what are-what are hiccups?"
  • "I'll try anything-anything-anything."
  • "Emmie and your mom will be back to sing with the Superstartastic Sisters-sisters-sisters, and I won't be ready-be ready-be ready.
  • “Oh, sorry-sorry-sorry!”
  • "I really hope this works. I just want to get back to my music."
  • (Gasps) “My repeat-itis is gone! Oh Doc hit play hit play!”
  • (Laughs) “I said it twice because I’m excited!”


• Her voice actress Lisa Loeb is also a singer.