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Mr. Chomp may look like a vicious toy-eating shark, but he has a sweet, sensitive side. His tooth was loose, which was causing his toothache.



Mr. Chomp is friendly to everyone he meets and is pretty loyal.

Physical Appearance[]

Mr. Chomp is based on a Great White Shark except that he is a mauve coloring with blue eyes, light blue spots, sharp teeth, and his skin is purple.

Role in the series[]

Shark Style Toothache[]

Mr. Chomp is a kind-hearted and loyal toy shark. After Donny's bath in the bathtub, the bath toys get away from Mr. Chomp because they are frightened of him. Doc thinks it might be one of his teeth that is broken and begins to take a look at it, but Lambie climbs up her face, blocking her view because she is frightened too. Doc takes Mr. Chomp to her room for a check-up. The toys are frightened of him too at first, but then help Doc out. When Doc reassures her friends that Mr. Chomp is friendly, he cries. Doc realizes he is brokenhearted because everyone thinks he is mean. After a solo song, Lambie and the toys apologize to Mr. Chomp for being scared of him. Lambie and Stuffy tell him a joke and sit next to him while Doc fixes his tooth. Feeling better, Mr. Chomp even sleeps with Doc and the other toys.


  • "Hey, little guy. You want a sharky-back ride?"
  • "It's not my tooth that hurts, it's my heart."
  • "I know I look scary, and Donny sure plays with me like I'm scary. But that's not the real me at all. I wouldn't hurt a plastic fly."