Mr. Marcus McStuffins
Mr. McStuffins
Mr. Marcus McStuffins (Doc McStuffins)

Full name

Marcus McStuffins





Doc and Donny, gardening, carrots, camping, fun, cooking, building stuff, Halloween, his daughter’s friends or his son’s friends (like Maisha McStuffins)


Hurting himself


Gary Anthony Williams


Emmie, Alma,Emmie and Alma’s Mom

Mr. Marcus McStuffins is the husband of Maisha McStuffins, the father of Doc and Donny and the adoptive father of Maya. Marcus is a cook but wanted to be an ocean explorer, he loves to spend the time with his children. His name is revealed to be Marcus by Saltwater Serge in Dad's Favorite Toy.



Mr. McStuffins is fatherly and intelligent at times, but sometimes when he is stuck in a problem while doing something, he is mostly funny and comedic. He is helpful to Doc and Donny when they are doing something, like near the start of the episode "Keep on Truckin'", when Mr. McStuffins helps Donny create a truck to enter into the Big Wheely Dealy Contest, Donny adds a few more details the truck, calls it Tremaine and hugs his dad thank you.

Physical Appearance

Mr. McStuffins is a slender African-American man with curly brown hair, brown skin, and brown eyes. He also wears a cream shirt, a red blouse, brown trousers and dark brown shoes. He usually wears a white cooking apron when he is cooking in season 2. During Halloween in "Boo-Hoo to You!" and "Hallie Halloween" he wore on a carrot costume. On Christmas Day at the end of "A Very McStuffins Christmas" he wore a green tie with two presents on it.


  • "I sure do like a doctor who makes house calls... Garden calls, too!"
  • "If you get some sleep now, it'll recharge your batteries, and you'll have much more energy when Luca gets here."
  • "See what happens when you don't get enough sleep? It can be hard to think clearly the next day. Some people get cranky and some people get spacey."
  • "Good thing we had our seatbelts on."
  • "Want a carrot, Doc? Fresh from the garden."
  • "Who's ready to play some games?"
  • "Well, kids, I think we've all had enough excitement for one day. Let's go."
  • "In honor of the meteors, we have frozen star-shaped fruit pops, star cookies, and star-shaped apple slices."
  • "Want some strawberries? They're super healthy and fresh, picked by farmer dad!"
  • ” Our little girl going on her first sleepover.”
  • ” See you in the morning Doc.”
  • "You are such a good big sister, Doc."
  • "Pretty sure I have everything I need. (Leaves the house by himself, everyone waits, then he comes back in) Okay, except your mother. I definitely need her."
  • (In flashback to a baby Doc) "Aw, Dottie, it's all right. Daddy will always be here for you. I got you something special." (Takes Lambie out of bag) "When you see her, just remember how much Daddy loves you. And when I'm not around to cuddle you, Lambie will do it for me."
  • "If the brave dragon and the brave knight go together, I'm sure they'll be brave enough to knock on the door."


  • Gary Anthony Williams who plays Mr. McStuffins is also a real-life improver from "Whose Line is It Anyway?"
  • Mr. McStuffins enjoys cooking.
  • He is a great builder.
  • He likes to tend to his garden.
  • Halloween is his favorite holiday. ("Boo-Hoo to You!")
  • When he was younger, before he got into cooking, he wanted to be an ocean explorer. ("Dad's Favorite Toy")
  • Saltwater Serge was Mr. McStuffins favorite toy when he was a kid. ("Dad's Favorite Toy")
  • Like their mom he enjoys being with or seeing Doc’s friends (Emmie) and Donny’s friends(Alma, Luca, Carlos,)
  • He, Donny and Chilly are the only main characters who didn’t appear in the first episode since they made their debut in the second episode.
    • he and his son Donny are the only main characters who didn’t appear in It a Hard Doc Life. 


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