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Doc: Hi, mom. Hi, dad.
Mr. McStuffins: Hey, Doc.
Dr. McStuffins: Hi, sweets. How was school today?
Doc: Great. We had a Valentine's Day party and gave each other Valentine cards. I got a lot, a whole lot.
Dr. McStuffins: Ooh!
Mr. McStuffins: Nice!
Doc: There's one more card I still have to deliver, and it's the best one. Close your eyes. No peeking.
Dr. McStuffins: Oh. Hee hee hee!
Mr. McStuffins: Oh. Ha ha ha!
Doc: ♪ Ta-da ♪
Dr. McStuffins: How beautiful.
Mr. McStuffins: Wow!
Doc: Happy Valentine's Day.
Dr. McStuffins: Oh... Thanks, Doc. We love it.
Mr. McStuffins: Come here, you. Mm!
Doc: Ha ha ha ha ha! Dad! Ha ha!
Dr. McStuffins: Think you have room in that box for one more Valentine?
Doc: [Gasp] I love it!
Mr. McStuffins: Happy Valentine's Day, love bug.
Doc: I'm gonna call her Val, Val for Valentine. I can't wait to show my friends. Oh. Thanks.
[Stethoscope goes off]
Val: Where's my Valentine hug?
Doc: [Giggles] I can't wait for you to meet my friends, Val. They're gonna love you. Shh, let's surprise them. The doc is in.
Lambie: A little to the left, Chilly. That's perfect. Now all we need to start the party is Doc.
Doc: Did somebody say party?
Stuffy: Hey, Doc.
Lambie: There she is.
Hallie: Hey, Doc.
Chilly: Hey there, Doc.
Lambie: Happy Valentine's Day.
Doc: Wow. Did it again, Lambie. The clinic looks even more amazing than last Valentine's Day.
Lambie: Oh, thanks. I just can't help myself. Valentine's Day is my favorite day of the whole year. Just wait until you see what I have planned for our Valentine's Party.
Doc: Can't wait. But first, I have a surprise for everyone.
Lambie: A Valentine's surprise?
Doc: You guessed it.
Val: Happy Valentine's Day.
Doc: Everyone, this is Val. Val, this is everyone.
Stuffy: Hiya, Val.
Chilly: Hi there.
Hallie: Hi, sugar.
Val: Oh! This heart could just burst with all the love in this room.
Lambie: Oh, is that what's wrong with you? Because you don't look broken. Why is she here, Doc?
Doc: Val's not here for a checkup, Lambie. She's my new Valentine's Day toy.
Val: Love your party, Lambie, but then I love everything about Valentine's Day 'cause I'm a Valentine and it's my day. Ha ha ha.
Lambie: [softly] But it's supposed to be my day.
Val: Be still, my heart. Would you look at those decorations? ♪ Fabulous ♪
Stuffy: Smile, Lambie. Time for this year's Valentine's Day party picture.
Lambie: Our usual pose?
Doc: Oh, yeah.
Stuffy: Now say "Valentine."
Doc and Lambie: Valentine.
Stuffy: Yoik! Ohh...
Doc: Stuffy, you were holding the camera the wrong way. Try it again.
Stuffy: Oops. Ha ha ha ha! OK.
Val: Valentine.
Lambie: Thanks, Stuffy. Oh, it was supposed to be just me and Doc.
Doc: Lambie...
Lambie: Wha?
Doc: Is everything OK?
Lambie: Oh. Yeah. Doc, I have something really special to show you. It's my super special Valentine's Day--
Val: Step on up and get a cuddle.
Lambie: Cuddle booth? [Gasp] What's she doing in there?
Stuffy: Mm. Ah! Now, that's a good hug.
Hallie: Give me some sugar.
Stuffy: You should try it, Lambie.
Hallie: Mm! That's the heartiest hug I ever had. Get it?
Lambie: Hey, I'm the one who gives out the hugs around here, not Val.
Doc: It's OK, Lambie. Val is new here. She's just being friendly.
Val: Hey there, snowman. You look like you could use a cuddle.
Lambie: [Gasp] That's my line.
Chilly: Oh! No! No hugs for me. Snowman fall apart if you squeeze them.
Doc: Chilly, you're not really made of snow, remember? You're stuffed.
Chilly: Oh. In that case, bring it on. Oh!
[Doc, Stuffy and Hallie laugh]
Lambie: Ahem! OK, everybody. It's time for pin the heart on me.
Stuffy: Oh, I love this game. This is how the dragon does it.
Doc: Let me cover your eyes so I can spin you. Round and round and round he goes. Where he stops, nobody knows.
Stuffy: Oh...oh...
Doc: Here you go, Stuffy.
Lambie: I'm over here.
Stuffy: Oh...whoa...
Val: Waah! Ha ha ha!
Stuffy: Heh heh. Oops. Definitely no the lamb.
Lambie: Not even close, Stuffy.
Val: Look at that--a heart for the heart.
[Doc, Stuffy, Hallie, Chilly and Val laugh]
Lambie: Oh... Oh. Um, who wants to make Valentines?
Val: I love making Valentine's.
Stuffy: Let's do it.
Chilly: I do.
Doc: I'll get the stuff to make cards.
Lambie: Ha ha!
Hallie: Oh, ha ha ha!
Lambie: Pretty.
Hallie: Oh, I love the sparkles. I'm gonna draw a heart.
Chilly: Ha ha! Pass me the sparkles.
Lambie: Everyone loves my Valentines, oh, and this is gonna be my best Valentine care ever. Someone pass the sparkles.
Stuffy: Ha ha ha! Uh!
Hallie: Aha! There's a whole lot of Hallie love in this care, little fish.
Hallie: Oopsy daisy. Sorry about that.
[Doc giggles]
Stuffy: Bet you never had a dragontine before, Doc. Get it? Dragontine? Valentine? Ha! I'm your Valentine.
Doc: [Giggles] Thanks, Stuffy. You're the best dragontine I ever got.
Lambie: Dragontine, huh? Just watch what the lamb can do. Doc's gonna love this.
Val: Just a little something from my heart.
Stuffy: Ooh!
Chilly: Wow!
Stuffy: Impressive!
Chilly: Take a look at that.
Stuffy: Wow!
Doc: That's beautiful, Val. I've never seen anything like it.
Lambie: [Sobs]
Chilly: Huh? [Gasp] Oh, no. Doc, I think I just caught sparklyitis.
Doc: It's OK, Chilly. Some sparkles just fell on you. They come right off. [Blows]
Val: [Gasp] Sparkles? I love sparkles.
♪ It's good to send a Valentine ♪
♪ If you got love to share ♪
♪ But there are always other ways ♪
♪ To show someone you care ♪
♪ Pull a little twinkle from the stars ♪
♪ And add a little sparkle to your heart ♪
♪ Make the world a little brighter ♪
♪ One hug at a time ♪
♪ Just shine, shine, shine ♪
♪ Put a little spring into your step ♪
♪ If you're happy, happy's what you'll get ♪
♪ Will you be my favorite funny Valentine? ♪
♪ Let's shine, shine, shine ♪
♪ Shine, shine, shine! ♪
Chilly: Yay!
Stuffy: That was amazing. That was great.
Hallie: Bravo!
Doc: Did you want to show me some, Lambie?
Lambie: Oh, no. It's nothing. Oh...
Doc: You OK, Lambie?
Lambie: Oh, I'm fine.
Doc: Well, you don't seem fine. I'd like to give you a checkup just to be safe.
Lambie: But aren't you too busy with Val?
Doc: Of course not. What's more important than helping a friend?
Doc: Hmm, nothing in your ears. Let's check your eyes. (Looks in Lambie’s eyes and sees tears.) Is that a tear in your eye? Does something hurt?
Lambie: Just--just my heart. It hurts a little, but don't worry about me. I'm sure you'd rather be at the party with Val, anyway.
Doc: Lambie, do you really think I'd rather be with Val than with you?
Lambie: I was your number one cuddler, your best friend. Valentine's Day was my day, and now you have Val, and she's perfect, and everyone thinks she cuddles better than I do.
Hallie: [Phhbbt] Well, isn't this just sadder than a slug in the hot sun.
Doc: May I have the big book of boo-boos, please, Hallie? I'm glad you told me how you were feeling, Lambie. Now I can make a diagnosis.

Hallie: [Phhbbt] Doc: You have Split Heartitis.

Lambie: Split Heartitis?
Doc: That means you have a broken heart.
Lambie: Am I really sick, Doc?
Doc: You're heart's not really broken. It works just fine, but sometimes when your feelings get hurt, your heart can feel like it's broken.
Lambie: That's how it feels, all right.
Doc: I'm sorry, Lambie. I guess I was so caught up in Valentine's Day and my new toy, I didn't notice how you were feeling, but no matter how many toys I have, no one can ever take your place.
Lambie: Really and truly?
Doc: Really really and truly.
Lambie: Hey, Doc, my Split Heartitis, it's-it's gone. You fixed it. You fixed my heart.
♪ I feel better
♪ So much better ♪
♪ Thank you, Doc ♪
♪ For taking all the ouches away ♪ (Hallie looks at the big book of boo-boos.)
♪ I didn't feel so good ♪
♪ Till you fixed me like I knew that you would ♪
♪ And I feel better ♪ (Lambie’s hearts get fixed and her page self starts dancing.)
♪ So much better now ♪
Chilly: Is she gonna make it, Doc?
Doc: I think she'll make a full recovery
Val: Here, Lambie. I made this for you.
Lambie: Oh, for me? Wow. Oh, thanks, Val. It's baa-eautiful.
Stuffy: Hey, Lambie, let's get a picture of you with your card. Ha ha ha ha!
Lambie: Would you be in the picture, too, Val?
Val: I thought you'd never ask.
[Camera shutter clicks]
Lambie: Oh, perfect. Well, what's everyone standing around for? Let's party.
Stuffy: Yay!
Hallie: Ha ha ha!