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Nikki (full name Nikki Nickel) is a toy piggy bank that is VERY picky (hence her nickname) that has a habit of only looking for the shiniest coins to put inside her as she thought that a dollar bill isn't "shiny" at all.


Physical Appearance[]

Nikki is a pink and beige-colored pig that wears a cone-shaped hat with a coin slot on it and also wears a frilly collar around her neck.


  • "You can always count on Nikki Nickels Savings and Loans. And that's a piggy promise."
  • "This bank is back in business."
  • "Okay Doc. I think Nikki Nickel Savings and Loans is ready to try something new."


  • Her voice actress, Hynden Walch, also voices characters such as Starfire from Teen Titans, Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, Ace from Justice League, Permafrost from Static Shock, Viridi from Kid Icarus: Uprising, Jenny McBride from The Secret of NIMH 2, Katilda from Catscratch, Amore and Lockette from Winx Club, Noodles from Pound Puppies, Summer Hugglemonster from Henry Hugglemonster Elsie the cat from Stanley, Jenyo from Thundercats, Princess Python and Supergiant from Avengers Assemble, Penny Sanchez from ChalkZone, and Yutaka Kobayakawa in the English dub of Lucky Star. She also voices Bubble Monkey.