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"Nikki's Night in the E.R." is the first segment of the one-hundred and second episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, which premiered on October 7, 2016.


Nikki Nickel needs to stay overnight at the emergency room after her bank develops a crack.




For more quotes, see the episode's transcript

Doc: Anyone else have a deposit?
Chilly: I've got a few spare buttons. (Buttons fall on floor) Oh, no, my buttons.
Stuffy: That's more than a few. (Picks up Chilly's buttons)

The Wicked King: My precious sparkly ball of sparkles is saved. (Notices Chilly and Buddy looking at him angrily) Oh. (See's Nikki is hurt) Oh, I say. (Nikki is groaning) Little piggy, are you quite well?
Nikki: I don't know.
Chilly: Oh, no!
Buddy: I hate to say it, kid, but I think you broke the bank.
Nikki: Oh, no, I'm cracked!
The Wicked King: Snowman, you're a medical student. Help my piggy friend, so we may get back to my royal banking affairs.
Nikki: Oh, is it bad, Chilly?
Chilly: Well, it's a little bad. It's kind of bad. Oh, it's really bad!
The Wicked King: Very bad indeed. Now who is going to make my royal deposit?
Buddy: Sounds to me like we oughta call Doc.

Hallie: Chilly, how are Nikki's vitals?
Chilly: Nikki's piggy pulse is normal, but I can't hear my piggy pulse.
Hallie: That's because you're a snowman, not a pig.

Lambie: Oh, Nikki, are you okay?
Nikki: I know I told Doc I could be brave, but that's gonna be really hard, (sniffles) 'cause I'm kinda scared.
Lambie: Oh, the emergency room isn't so bad. It's full of baa-rilliant doctors who will be able to help you soon.
Stuffy: Till then, we'll help you be brave.

Nikki: Wicked king, your deposit is... safe and sound!
The Wicked King: Huzzah! My riches are secure! And I must admit, I am glad my piggy friend is all better.
Nikki: (Chuckles) Aww.