Doc McStuffins Wiki

Stuffy: Check me out. I'm a tree swinging dragon! (Grabs onto tree and it topples over on him) Ow! That went completely differently in my head.

Doc: Anyone up for an explore adventure?

Chilly: Ohoh, I'm always up for an adventure unless it's rainy or it's allergy season or there are pickles. I find pickles oddly disturbing.

Stuffy: Ooh, wait, I think the water got to my head! I'm seeing spots.

Rita: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, those are just my spots. I have them all over.

Chilly: Wait, Stuffy, I think there's something wrong with Rita.

Stuffy: Well, she is a little, "Ooh, I'm so fast, look at me climb this tree," but she's also really nice.

Chilly: No, I mean her spots. I've seen spots like that before and I know what it means, she's sick. And if she's sick, then we might get sick. And if there is one thing I don't like...

Stuffy: Its candied yams, socks with toes in them, uh, spinning rides.

Chilly: No! It's being sick!

Stuffy: Oh, yeah, should have gotten that one, huh.

Chilly: Remember when I had mystery pox? I had spots all over my body just like Rita.

Stuffy: And it spread every time we touched each other.

Lambie: And there was even a-- a-- a cuddle ban.

Doc: Rita, your spots are a perfectly normal, beautiful part of your body. They're part of what makes you special. They make you, you. We all have things on our bodies that make us special.

Lambie: Like what?

Doc: Like my freckles or Stuffy's scales or Chilly's carrot nose.

Stuffy: I won! Haha! Right?

Hallie: I don't think so, sugar.

Stuffy: You calling me a cheetah? Hahaha! Anyone get what I did there? Cheetah sounds like cheater, it's called a play on words. Oh, never mind.