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Theme song
Sir Kirby: Hear ye, hear ye. May I present...
Chilly: [Gasp] An envelope? Thanks, Sir Kirby. I'll love it and cherish it and keep it forever and ever.
Sir Kirby: Aren't you going to open it?
Chilly: And tear the pretty paper? How dare you suggest--
Sir Kirby: Inside is an invitation to the Wicked King's ball. Tonight.
Chilly: [Immediately rips envelope open] Hooray!
Stuffy: A ball? (Squibbles brings him a ball) Oh, Squibbles, not that kind of ball. A royal ball is like a big party.
Sir Kirby: And it is not just any party. Oh, no. It is the Wicked King's ball-athon, a dance till you conk out marathon where you dance until you... conk out!
Sir Kirby: The last dancer still dancing will be the winner.
Doc: Sounds fun.
Hallie: You best save a dance for me, armored amour.
Sir Kirby: Why, certainly, my marvelous maiden.
Hallie: Oh, mercy me! That toy has a way with words.
Lambie: Oh, a ball! Everyone will be dressed in their fanciest clothes, and there will be dancing! And the whole castle will be done up in sparkles, and glitter and bows. And it all happens tonight. [Gasp] Tonight? Oh, I have to get ready.
Doc: [Lambie bumps into her] Ooh! Lambie, is everything all right?
Lambie: Oh, yes, Doc. It's just that there's so much to do.
Doc: Yep, you need to bathe the babies--
Lambie: Pick out my dress.
Doc: Check their vitals.
Lambie: Fluff up my fur.
Doc: And update the charts.
Lambie: File my hooves. Oops. I forgot about all that. Oh, don't I feel sheepish?
Doc: There's a lot of new responsibilities that come with being a med student. But as soon as you're with your duties, you can get ready for the ball.
?Lambie: Doc, you have so many duties at the hospital. Will you get to the ball tonight?
Doc: Yep. That's that the toy sponder is for. While I'm at the ball, I'll be on call. If anyone needs me, the hospital alerts the toy sponder, and I'll come right away. [The toy sponder rings] Oops, like now. Gotta go.
Lambie: Lots to do. Better get to work. Finished at last.
Chilly: Oh, Hallie. Lookin' fancy!
Hallie: Thanks, Chilly. And you look proper as a polished prom penguin.
Stuffy: Okay, now. Does my bowtie look right to you?
Hallie: Let me help you with that, sugar.
Lambie: Make way. Lamb in need of major dressing up coming through. Good thing I always keep a gown in my locker, in case of an emergency.
♪ Tonight is going to be perfect ♪
♪ Tonight is going to be grand ♪
♪ And all the preparations will be worth it ♪
♪ My tiara and the stars will sparkle ♪
♪ Just the way I planned ♪
♪ The perfect gown for the perfect ball ♪
♪ And at the center of it all ♪
♪ There I'll be, dancing perfectly ♪
♪ For everyone to see ♪
♪ Tonight is going to be perfect ♪
♪ The moment that we've all been waiting for ♪
♪ And everything rests on it being the best ♪
♪ And anything less would be disastrous ♪
♪ But I'm not feeling stressed ♪
♪ 'Cause I mean, why on earth should I be? ♪
♪ Ah, perfect ♪
♪ Perfectly ♪
Lambie: Tonight is gonna be perfect.
Hallie: Lookin' good!
Lambie: So exciting!
Doc: Sorry I'm late.
Chilly: Well, well, well!
Lambie: Oh, Doc, this is going to be wonderful.
Sir Kirby: Your Royal Highnesses, presenting Lady McStuffins and her medical staff: Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly.
Doc: Thanks for inviting us.
The Wicked King: Yes, yes, the pleasure's all yours. Now that you've finally arrived, we can begin the main event. Sir Kirby?
(Sir Kirby hits goblet with his sword)
The Wicked King: Ahem. Citizens of the McStuffins kingdom, tonight is a ball-athon, an all-night dance marathon. You shall dance, dance, I say. Dance till you can dance no more. Whoeveer dances the longest without ceasing wins the Ball of Brilliance.
Lambie: [After finding out what the ball-athon prize is] The perfect prize for my perfect night. I could hang it up and dance under it whenever I want.
Doc: You're the best dancer I know. I bet you'll win.
Lambie: Really? Oh, that would be baa-rilliant.
The Wicked King: Let the ball-athon begin. [everyone dancing]
Hallie: Whoo, come on, Sir Kirby.
Sir Kirby: It will be my pleasure.
Lambie: [Bumps into Awesome Guy] Oopsie. Sorry, Awesome Guy.
Awesome Guy: Never fear, little lamb! My awesome dancing cannot be stopped by your piddling pirouettes. No toy will come between me and my Ball O' Brilliance! Give me some room!
Lambie: Awesome Guy thinks he's gonna win the ball-athon. But I can see myself dancing under the sparkling light of the Ball of Brilliance. There's nothing I've ever wanted more.
Doc: [The toy sponder rings] Uh-oh, gotta go. There's a patient at the hospital who needs my help.
Hallie: Right behind ya, Doc.
Chilly: Ooh, I'm gonna come, too. I gotta rest my feet.
Doc: Chilly, you don't have feet.
Chilly: Oh! I got a case of sudden onset my-feet-fell-off-osis!
Hallie: Chilly bean, your only diagnosis is snowman-osis.
Lambie: Doc!
Doc: We should have everything covered at the hospital. You stay here and win that Ball of Brilliance.
Stuffy: I'm gonna stay, too. I feel the rhythm in my soul, the beat in my feet, and the melody right over here on the tip of my left wing.
Awesome Guy: Ha, awesome. Three left to beat in my quest for dance dominance.
Dress-up Daisy: Ha ha, I could dance forever! I just dance... Ow! Oh. Oh, no. I'm all wibbly-wobbly. How can I dance when I'm wibbly-wobbly?
Stuffy: Well, you could just take off your shoes.
Dress-Up Daisy: And be a fashion criminal? Crime doesn't pay. Count me out.
The Wicked King: Oh, splendid. Only three contestants remain. Who shall take home the Ball of Brilliance?
Awesome Guy: I shall. No citizen can out-awesome me.
Lambie: And no one can can-can like the lamb.
Stuffy: Ha ha, and no one can out-bust a move me.
Sir Kirby: And so, I said, you call that a sword? This a sword.
Stuffy: Sir Kirby, catch me! Oh, uh... uh-oh. I busted something, and it wasn't a move.
Lambie: Stuffy, are you okay?
Stuffy: I think so. I just need to dance it off. [Tries to get up, but his back hurts] Oh, ow! Ow. Maybe I should just sit the rest of this one out.
Awesome Guy: Yes! Only one more opponent to crush with my awesomeness.
Lambie: Oh, what was that? I couldn't hear you over my baa-rilliant ballet.
Stuffy: [Notices stuffing] Actually, I might be sort of really not okay. Is there a doctor in the house?
Sir Kirby: Doc left some time ago.
Stuffy: Lambie, you're a med student. Could you take a look?
Lambie: But I have to keep dancing or Awesome Guy will win.
Stuffy: You can keep dancing. I'll come to you. It'll be a dancing checkup.
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ I’m gonna check your ears, check your eyes, ♪
♪ find out how much you’ve grown. ♪
♪ I’m gonna listen to your heart beat, ♪
♪ fix you up ready to go. ♪
♪ It’s ok if you giggle, ♪
♪ this will only tickle a little. ♪
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
♪ Time for your check up! ♪
Lambie: Oh!
Stuffy: That "oh!" didn't sound like a good thing. Is it bad? Give it to me straight, Lambie.
Lambie: [To Stuffy] I think... I think I want to win, but I think you really need medical attention, and I can't give it to you if I'm distracted by dancing. Congratulations, Awesome Guy. You win the Ball of Brilliance.
Awesome Guy: Awesome!
Lambie: Here, Stuffy. Let's do some first-aid. One wing sling coming up.
The Wicked King: As the last dancer dancing. I declare you a winner.
Awesome Guy: Awesome! [Applause] Thank you, thank you.
Lambie: Don't worry, Stuffy. You're gonna be okay.
Awesome Guy: Stuffy? [Goes over to him]
The Wicked King: I now present thee with the... what?! Get back here. As your king, I command you to claim the Ball of Brilliance.
Awesome Guy: [About Stuffy] How is he?
Lambie: The ribbon will keep him from losing any more stuffing, but we need to get him to the hospital.
Awesome Guy: I can help. Two tickets to the E.R. on the Awesome Guy express! Hop on.
Awesome Guy: And away!
Stuffy: I'm flying!
Doc: Stuffy, I have a diagnosis. You have a case of dancey-rippies, but it's not bad. We should be able to fix you right up. And Lambie, if it weren't for you, Stuffy would've lost a lot more stuffing. I know it was hard for you to quit the ball-athon. But you did the right thing.
Lambie: Thanks, Doc. Who needs some incredibly shiny, magnificently sparkly dancing prize anyway?
Doc: I better get Stuffy into surgery now so I can stitch him up.
Stuffy: Thanks, Lambie. You're a great friend.
Awesome Guy: You know, that was pretty awesome how you gave up your chance to win in order to help your friend. In my book, that makes you way more awesome than winning a Ball of Brilliance.
Lambie: Well, it's my responsibility as a med student to help whenever I can. Speaking of which, I better go check in on the nursery.
The Wicked King: Excuse me, Awesome Guy. Your forgot your wondrous prize.
Awesome Guy: Awesome. I know just where it belongs.
Stuffy: Good as new. Thanks, Doc.
Doc: Lambie, can you take Stuffy while I check in on my other patients?
Lambie: Sure thing.
Doc: Thanks, Lambie.
Stuffy: I'm sorry I ruined your big night, Lambie.
Lambie: I like fancy dances, but taking care of others is more important. Being able to help you made my night.
Stuffy: [Laughs] Thanks.
Lambie: [Gasps and audience applause] Whoa!!
Stuffy: [To Lambie] You didn't get to finish your last dance. M'lady. [Stuffy and Lambie dance together]
Chilly: She's a winner in my book.