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"On a Roll!" is the first segment of the one-hundred and sixteenth episode of the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins which premiered on March 2, 2018.


Wildlife Will keeps getting hurt while trying to explore McStuffinsville.




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Wildlife Will: G'day, mates.
Doc: Wildlife Will, what happened?
Wildlife Will: It's like this, Doc. I was hot on the trail of a rare waterless whale.
Lambie: You mean Willington?
Wildlife Will: Right. They call it a Wellington. Fascinating species. Just as I caught up to him, I ran into a curve, tipped over, and hurt my arm. And my chair.

Wildlife Will: I'm making my very own book. It's called A Field Guide To The Creatures of McStuffinsville.
Chilly: Wow, what's it about?
Lambie: This is just a guess, but... the creatures of McStuffinsville?
Wildlife Will: That's right, rare and fluffy lamb.

Stuffy: [After seeing himself in Wildlife Will's book] Hey, that's me. You even got my best side.
Wildlife Will: Indeed. My book wouldn't be complete without a wild blue dragon.
Stuffy: Oh... [Giggles]

Doc: I'm impressed. It looks like you've put a lot of work into your book.
Wildlife Will: Right you are, Doc. I've always wanted to make my own field guide like all the other great explorers. Finishing this book would be dream come true. Which reminds me, I better get back out there. I have the last few creatures to find. How'd you like to come along? All of you. I'll be aces.
Lambie: And fun, too.
Wildlife Will: Let's head out into the field.

Lambie: Oh, you need a--
Wildlife Will: Frog!
Lambie: You need a frog?
Wildlife Will: No. Look, the rare popping frog. I've been looking all over for him.

Stuffy: Whew! How many pictures did we get?
Wildlife Will: That would be, uh... Let's see here. None.
Stuffy: Hm. Not as many as I thought.

Lambie: Do you think Wildlife Will is okay? He's usually so adventuresome, but today he keeps falling behind.
Hallie: Lambie's right. I had to help him up the curb.
Stuffy: And I had to help him through the gate.
Chilly: And I had to help him, because he was afraid of that blinking street light.
Hallie: That was you, Chilly.
Chilly: Oh, right. But does it have to flash so fast? It makes me nervous.
Doc: You know, you all might be right. It does seem like Wildlife Will is having a lot of trouble getting around McStuffinsville. Maybe there is something wrong with him.

Lambie: Will!
Doc: Wildlife Will, are you okay?
Wildlife Will: My chair. It's pretty banged up. And I think I twisted my arm a little.
Doc: I'd say more than a little. We need to get you back to the hospital right away.
Wildlife Will: But what about my book?
Doc: First, let's fix you up. Then we'll figure out how you can finish your book.

Doc: Hmm. Guys, I'm wondering about something.
Chilly: Ooh, is it how do they get lollipops so round, 'cause I've always wondered that, too.
Doc: No, Chilly. I'm wondering why Will's wheelchair keeps getting banged up.
Lambie: Whatcha thinking, Doc?
Doc: I have some ideas. Hallie, will you stay here with the patient?
Hallie: Sure thing, Doc.
Doc: You're all coming with me. We need to do some investigating.

Chilly: The town is sick? Oh, I didn't even know I had to worry about that.
Doc: No, Chilly, the town isn't sick, but it does need some fixing.

Stuffy: Well, let's get started... as soon as someone tells me what accessible means.
Doc: It means easy to use... for everyone.

Wildlife Will: What's all this?
Stuffy: It's a new, accessible McStuffinsville.
Wildlife Will: It's a ramp. And another one. Oh, Crikey, these are amazing! I can get around, not trouble at all.
Doc: We put them all around McStuffinsville, and wider gates, and breaks in the sidewalks.
Hallie: And an elevator, too.
Doc: You shouldn't have any trouble getting around with your wheelchair anymore.
Wildlife Will: You did all this for me? [Everyone agrees] Why?
Doc: Because you should live in a place that's easy to get around, and we were happy to make it that way.
Wildlife Will: You all sure know how to make a fella feel great. Ha ha!


  • Diagnosis: No Ramps-atosis
  • Wildlife Will sings "I Feel Better" for the first time.
  • This episode along with "Home Is Where the Fruit Is" is the 23rd Season 4 episode in production order.