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Doc: Okay.
Wildlife Will: G'day, mates.
Doc: Wildlife Will, what happened?
Wildlife Will: It's like this, Doc. I was hot on the trail of a rare waterless whale.
Lambie: You mean Willington?
Wildlife Will: Right. They call it a Wellington. Fascinating species. Just as I caught up to him, I ran into a curve, tipped over, and hurt my arm. And my chair.
Doc: Come on, Will. Let's get you and your chair all fixed up.
Doc: There you go, Will. This bandage should hold your wrist in place until it feels better.
Stuffy: And your wheelchair is good to go.
Wildlife Will: Thanks, mates. Now I can get back to my mission.
Doc: About that... why where you following Willingtonin the first place?
Wildlife Will: Crikey, didn't I tell you? I'm making my very own book. It's called A Field Guide To The Creatures of McStuffinsville.
Chilly: Wow, what's it about?
Lambie: This is just a guess, but... the creatures of McStuffinsville?
Wildlife Will: That's right, rare and fluffy lamb. It's a guide to all the wonderful and interesting creatures right here in this town. So far, I have a feisty yet friendly cheetah, a cute and gentle elephant, a colorful yet noisy parrot...
Stuffy: [After seeing himself in Wildlife Will's book] Hey, that's me. You even got my best side.
Wildlife Will: Indeed. My book wouldn't be complete without a wild blue dragon.
Stuffy: Oh... [Giggles]
Doc: I'm impressed. It looks like you've put a lot of work into your book.
Wildlife Will: Right you are, Doc. I've always wanted to make my own field guide like all the other great explorers. Finishing this book would be dream come true. Which reminds me, I better get back out there. I have the last few creatures to find. How'd you like to come along? All of you. I'll be aces.
Lambie: And fun, too.
Wildlife Will: Let's head out into the field.
Doc: Okay, Will, what do we look for first.
Wildlife Will: Right, Now in these parts, we're searching for a fascinating springy fox.