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"One of a Kind" is a Doc McStuffins song from the Season 3 episode "Factory Fabulous". It is sung by Doc and Oooey Gablooey.

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Doc McStuffins One of A Kind Song Disney Junior UK


Oooey Gablooey:

I'm a blob of blue goo, she's a pile of pink plush

And that's what's awesome about us

Doc: You were born to be super-cool and unique

They only made one

Doc and Oooey Gablooey: It's the way you came,

Straight off the factory line

Makes you a someone like nobody else

It's great to be one of a kind

It's the way you're made

Perfect every time

Un-duplicate-able, fabulous you

It's great to be one of a kind! (2x)

Oooey Gablooey: Oh, yeah!